Saturday, August 18, 2012

Join me in the WLC!

Whole Life Challenge update: If you would like to sign up under my umbrella of family and friends, I am opening it up to my readers! Your affiliate isn't participating? You don't belong to an affiliate? No problem, just use my name when you register, shoot me an email at for my full name (you'll need this to register) and email me once you've actually signed up.

This means I will be keeping you extra accountable! Because YOU are going to become a reflection of me. I will come through this computer and choke you with that cookie you are about to eat right now ... Ya feel me?

Just incase I don't strike enough fear into your hearts, here's some super motivating stuff from the site:

"The Whole Life Challenge is a brand new way of looking at your life. Your whole life. How does it work? Where are your opportunities? What does a life lived inside of a commitment to real, long term, sustainable, practical health, fitness, and overall well-being look like? It certainly isn't about beating your brains out in the gym day after day. It can't be about a restrictive, ascetic dietary regimen. And it definitely isn't living like your health is a problem to solve and your life is something to fix.

The Whole Life Challenge is an extraordinary tool. For building. It doesn't fix anything -- it only builds new things. What do you want your life to look like? What excites you, enlivens you? This challenge will have you living a life where you can have it all. You want vibrant health and you want to enjoy all of the exciting things the world offers -- work that rewards and play that rewards. When this is over, your work will be integrated with your play. They will cause and support each other, the will no longer sabotage each other.

Play this game like you want to know, not like you already know. Be great -- Own your perfect days and your breakdown days. Be clear about what works and what doesn't work. See where you can make a difference that lasts longer than the 8 weeks of the challenge. Do that, and you will transform your life more than you imagine. You can have it all. This is where it starts.

Welcome to the Whole Life Challenge! 
What will you build with it?"

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