Thursday, August 16, 2012

Join Me in the Whole Life Challenge!

Since I blog to keep myself accountable, I should mention my workouts over the last 2 days.

Note* Next week, I'm praying I can amp up my training volume to what it was when I was at Fort Hood. I follow the Midtown workouts when they're any kind of Benchmark, Hero or OPT workouts, but otherwise, do have special programming I was using because I was interested in competing at the end of October. Since moving, of course, everything has changed ...

Midtown: Oly Total
10 minutes to find 1RM full snatch,
10 minutes to find 1RM clean and jerk
I worked up to 110# on the snatch, 90% of my body weight (goal is 100%), and 150# on the clean and jerk (120% of my bodyweight) the goal is 150%.

I really need some lifting shoes. 

12 minute interval session on the Airdyne. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. 90% intensity on the "work" efforts, easy effort on the "rest" effort.

Then I did the Heavy Thruster WOD above. 95 pound thrusters man handled me! I got 3 rounds + 5 thrusters in.

This is the protein I will be drinking throughout the Whole Life Challenge, it is amazing. Recovery on intense days like this, regular Whey on more normal intensity days.

After interning this morning, I jumped into the noon class for Sam's Going Away WOD.

5 rounds:
7 hand stand pushups
14 pistols
21 double unders
9:50, Rx'ed

Haha, though those pistols were fugly! It was pretty apparent I was not a gun slinger in a past life.

Now, to my dear readers, if you're interested in joining the Whole Life Challenge, I may have an option for you.

I have received a lot of emails asking if you can participate. Right now it's open to Affiliate's and their members, and members can ask friends and family to join under them. Some of you don't belong to boxes for various reasons (too expensive, too far, etc), and some of you belong to boxes that aren't participating. So, if you'd like to join under my umbrella (of family and friends) I will allow you to do so. Please, send me an email at

"The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week online social game designed for you to peer into every aspect of your world and create a 360-degree-view, eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head, no surprises, enjoying-every-moment-of-it kind of life. Supported by your community, you will begin to see where your commitment to your results slips out of your grip and where you inadvertently get pulled around by the circumstances that show up.

You will discover what’s working and what’s not and have the opportunity, over the 8 weeks, to create a practice that is sustainable and supports the life that you want to live. The challenge is a tool for building a vibrant, strong, and healthy body and spirit, filled with the confidence of knowing that you can make it work in any situation and your life can be whatever way you want it to be.

In this challenge you will be trained to be accountable for having the results you want. Accountable not from the standpoint of “Who’s fault is this,” but accountable from the standpoint of “That’s my life out there! I get to make it!”

There will be pre-Challenge requirements: you have to do the Preliminary workout, this is how we will test your athletic ability over the 8 weeks and how it improves! There will also be measurements and weight taken, as well as a few other things. This will be your focus over the Challenge, to beat these numbers! Or, if you're like me, to put on some muscle mass. :)

Too often our lives occur as limited by circumstances -- time, money, commitments, people, traffic, weather -- and it seems like those circumstances limit what results we can have. This challenge focuses you on what it will take to have the results no matter what and how to break free of what has limited you in the past. You will learn to be accountable to yourself for the results -- free from any particular way of getting there! 

So check it out and shoot me an email if you're interested. You maybe won't have the support of a gym, but, you'll have this support here.


  1. You are so ripped! Dream body right there :)

  2. This is amazing! I am totally emailing you now!!

  3. Ooooh I wish it was starting in August, I'm going to the USA in mid October for 3 weeks, which is halfway through the challenge and I think the chances of me being able to stick to it while I'm away are very small, as much as I know I should :(

    Maybe I can do my own challenge prior to going away and just stick to the same rules but for a shorter time instead.

  4. Definitely checking out the challenge! Sounds awesome! You are getting crazy strong!

  5. I just signed up for the Whole Life Challege and am super excited about it! Is the SFH protein powder allowed? I was going through the rules/logistics on the website and it said no whey, rice or soy. Just wanted to check so I can find one beforehand. Thanks!

  6. I'm up for a challenge! I checked out the site and just curious why they are allowing legumes?

  7. Sounds good. The rules say No Whey Protein Powder. I must have my protein shake everyday.....the one you mentioned you will be using (SFH) also has can I still use mine to??? (Jay Robb brand)

  8. you inspire me so much Courtney! I hope you don't mind if I email you with a few questions?? :) xo