Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm 25! Birthday Recap

Yesterday was just like any other Monday, but it also happened to be my birthday. The big two-five!

The husband surprised me with flowers ... (not only did he take my birthday off work, he took the next two weeks off!)

And who doesn't like to wake up to some gangster rap?
From their domestic partner, too. And yes, Corethang is my nick name, long story. Just like she is my domestic partner (best friend) also another long story ... Army wives, we're a strange breed.

After a sweet slumber, the DH and I headed to CFM to get our sweat session in. Health is the best gift anyone could ever have I think, so I felt there was no better day than my birthday to get straight monkey stomped to show my appreciation. 

Since I've been having problems with my wrists, elbow (and I think a dislocated thumb during Hooverall), I cherry picked a doozy of a workout that would be stupid painful on all three. It's not your birthday unless you're crying!

And cry I almost did.

This was a Mainsite WOD, posted on Saturday, August 18. It appealed to me because I haven't done lunges in a while, and because I've never done lunges with a heavy barbell overhead. I've done really heavy plates, kettlebells, and even a barbell in the front rack, but nothing quite like this.

My grip I had to widen (see above), for stability. Not quite a press grip, not quite a snatch grip. I also really had to shorten my steps, to keep the weight as stable as possible. 

5 rounds:
135/95 pound barbell walking overhead lunge steps, 25 feet
15 knees to elbows

Short and sweet, right?


Talking about getting a big, fat piece of humble pie in the face. Women's Rx was 95 pounds. I finished round 1 and knew I'd have to dump weight. I took it down to 85 pounds, and even then, every once in a while I had to bring it down into the front rack position.

I don't know if I'm just that weak overhead, or if 2 hours of Hooverball on Sunday wore me out (my arms are still bruised, thumb is still fugged), but wow, this was a slap in the face.

The husband cheered me up by making jokes on my behalf about my ass, I even found this beauty in my iPhone camera album. Real mature, husband, real mature.

We played with the Tiger Tail. 

Tiger Tails always cheer me up.

Well, most of the time ... 

Here I am complaining about getting monkey stomped by my workout like a wimp, when there were real problems in the world, like the box getting flooded. We stayed and helped mop, move mats around, vaccuum, etc. Apparently the not-too-bright contractors set heavy paint cans on top of the AC hose ... My husband, being the hero he is, helped finish it up, while I moved on to WOD numero dos.

7 rounds for time:
55 pound thrusters, 15 reps
5 hand release push ups
25 double unders
1 minute rest

I finally started to cheer up during this one, because my rounds kept getting faster and faster. First round took me 60 seconds, the last round I finished in just over 30 seconds. Total time, work + rest: 12:13

The memory of my monkey-stomping workout was fading quickly, especially after this amazing breakfast at West Egg. 

Chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes & an over easy egg for me, and the husband had sweet corn pancakes with brown sugar butter bacon. Heart attack, like whoa. We also shared some adult orange juice.

Afterward, we decided to walk off the elephant-sized breakfast, and somehow wound up in Lululemon. Poor me!

We came home, lounged by the pool, drank some brew, and then headed out to dinner at Cafe Lily. Of which we were not impressed :( I read they had great calamari, but if I wanted to eat rubber bands, I definitely wouldn't have gotten dressed up and paid that much money for it ...

The best part of the day? Cramming 25 candles onto my two inch birthday cake, that we sat and ate, every last crumb, between the two of us. Dark chocolate raspberry, the DH did good.

Thank you everyone for the awesome birthday wishes, here's to another trip around that big, blazing ball of fire.


  1. Happy belated birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Sounds like you had an awesome day :)

  3. Happy birthday!!!
    Been following your blog for a few weeks now and loving it!

  4. Happy birthday babe! Sorry I missed it! So happy belated! xoxo you're wonderful and SO inspiring so so so so inspiring! I took some of these pics of you lifting and put them in my inspiration file <3

  5. Awesome birthday. --happy 25th-- I did basically the same thing this year for mine. I had friends ask why I would work out on my birthday, which I considered a silly question. it's a gift to start the day with a workout with my husband, we rarely get to workout together during the week :) added bonus that you feel great for the rest of the day!!!!

  6. You have a lovely bum Courtney! It's understandable that your husband wanted a photo! ;) Hope you had an awesome birthday!

  7. Im sorry that the dinner was not too great, i don't like too when you pay so much for a dinner and not being the best meal. You do have a cute round bum. So glad you enjoy your Bday beside the dinner.

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! COngrats on the LULU Lemon..my fave

  9. glad you had a good birthday!!!
    those wod's sound awesome! I definitely am going to do one! I love doing them on my own ...but I definitely want to start going to a box!

    and that cake sounds amazing!!

  10. Happy Birthday. Two wods for a special day is what I would do too!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lady!! It's funny how when you take care of your health, birthdays are more of a celebration then a dread. OH BB Lunges are crazy. Try the overhead barbell backward walking lunge sometime - this was the move that finally showed my neighbor how whack my Hubs and I are. :oP Your Tiger Tail pic is priceless.

    Now... do dish: What did you score at Lulu???

  12. Looks like you really enjoyed your birthday! You had me at dark chocolate & raspberry. One of my most favorite combos. Mmm.. Reading your blog just makes me anticipate more and more the day I can join a box!

  13. Happy late birthday!! Birthday workouts & lululemon are mandatory! :)

  14. Happy birthday!!! Looks like you had a good day :)

  15. Happy birthday to one fit and fabulous female!!

  16. Happy Birthday Girl!! lulu is a great way to spend a birthday afternoon. I am going to try those overhead walking lunges today!

  17. Sounds like the perfect birthday! That first WOD sounds killer! Good for you for picking it and finishing it! Your time on the second wod is crazy fast!