Friday, August 3, 2012

Grippin' it, Rippin' It

I guess no weighted sit ups for me tonight. As much as I would love to blame it on procrastination (well, maybe a little bit of that), it's really because the Husband thinks it'll tire out my core too much for tomorrow. He is my partner for the event, so I should listen ...

Tomorrow? Yes, we're signed up for the 31 Heroes WOD at CrossFit Midtown. Excited and a little nervous!

This morning I was a motivated little mamma, I rolled, gumbled and groaned jumped out of bed at 5:45am for Spin class at the little gym close to our house. Spin class first thing, early in the morning, felt so good, and reminded me of my routine in Texas. In between my panting and wiping streams of sweat from my face, I imagined my girls were right there next to me, spinning away, Anna talking about her Hashimotos and Curtis being a fish behind us, my Dom smacking Anna to shut up and Jose crossing his arms across his chest, raising one eye brow at her ...

I am convinced that before the year is over, I will do some kind of race on my road bike. Or at least ride it to the park or something. I could never use it in Texas because Killeen was not bike friendly, but Decatur and Atlanta in general? Everyone is a cyclist or a runner, it's so awesome. I was THE ONLY PERSON in the class this morning without real cycling shoes. Who is the newb now?

And, in an effort to perfect the butterfly pullups and cycle 20+ together, I ripped my palms something harsh this morning. I did not expect it. When I came down off the bar I was like, "Oh, damn." My hands are just one giant callus, I have no sensation. Now that's hawt.

Why does my arm look all weird orange? Ooompa loompa, doopa dee doop ... 
Next time I will tape. Perhaps I should invest in some gymnastics grips.

A reader asked what supplements I take. This is it. I also drink a whey protein shake after the WOD's most days, I like Optimum Nutrition, and I also take powdered BCAA's, which I throw in the shaker. There are so many great brands out there, but this is what I find to be the most cost-effective. If you can afford it, check out Stronger, Faster, Healthier. I love their fish oil. I am dying to try Pure Pharma products. If anyone wants to offer me a deal, hook a girl up!

So, in an effort to get back into my routine, I did Spin early this morning, messed up my hands (wasn't that always happening at Hood?), and came home and made an awesome breakfast with my favorite Atkins All-Purpose Baking Mix. No waffles this morning ... instead Protein Pancakes!

Topped with crunchy Sunbutter, berries and toasted walnuts.

I made a big batch and threw the rest in the freezer to enjoy over the weekend. A serving is four small pancakes, and they pack a whopping 20g of protein, less than 1 g of sugar, 6 grams of fiber, and just 6 carbs all for 200 calories. 

Bring on the protein!

"Stop taking photos of yourself and take me for a walk, dammit."

Ohhh, and what could the Husband be up to you ask? The casa is coming along!

Join me in the Weighted Sit Up Challenge through August 16! 
Have a good weekend and take a moment tomorrow to remember the 31 heroes. 


  1. Good luck today on 31 Heroes! I'll be doing it too and I'm starting to get a little nervous! So amazing you are up to 20 butterfly pull ups in a row! That's awesome! I love stronger faster healthier fish oil too! It's the only kind I can take!

  2. Good luck on 31 Heroes!! I'm sure you're gonna kill it with your husband! ;)
    I don't comment often on your blog, but I read it A LOT, and I want you to know how awesome I think you are! You're definitely one of my role models and what I want to be like when I'm older (I'm 15 right now), and I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award in my latest post!

    Please keep writing, and please know that you're teaching girls my age what the meaning of beauty really is when it's paired with strength! I freaking love your blog and I can't wait to get a hot bod like you someday! :P <3

  3. cute picture of you! I want to buy some of that Atkins pancake mix, do you get it in the grocery store? You are such an inspiration!

  4. Your hands are crazy !? I thought mine were bad from tennis NOPE!

  5. So glad you are settling in and finding your routine. Your palms look scary painful--as I am tackling CrossFit, I'm considering getting gloves--is that weak sauce? Kipping pull-ups (or my attempts at them) are shredding my hands.

  6. You are so inspiring... But your hands made mine hurt in sympathy! :) Would you mind posting your measurements for the protein pancake recipe? It looks delish! I've tried several other recipes but mine always end up totally flat and thin, and not fluffy like regular pancakes. Thanks so much!!!