Friday, August 3, 2012

Crossfit Challenge: Weighted Situps

Alright readers, it's Challenge time! Get your big girl panties on for this one ... 

This Challenge is being put on by Women of Crossfit = Strong.
Get motivated: check out their Facebook page.

They posted the picture, it got a total of 2,376 "likes" - so that's how many we're doing. 
Giddy the hell up.

  1. You have now until August 16 to git 'er done, son. That's two weeks. Anything can get done in two weeks.
  2. You have the choice of Rx'ing the challenge, and doing the total 2,376 or you can scale with the admins. 3 admins run the page, so they are dividing the total number by 3, meaning each of them is doing 792!
  3. There is no prescribed weight. You can do any weight you like. Feel free to vary the weight to make some more challenging than others. 
  4. The situps you do in your daily WOD can count towards the overall number. 
Let's talk brass tax:

You have to do at least 170 a day for the next 14 days to meet the challenge, Rx'ed.
You have to do at least 57 a day for the next 14 days to meet the challenge, scaled. 

Avoid the Infamous Abmat Ass Crack Rash! It happens to the best of us, don't worry. I find that Body Glide rubbed all over the area north of butthole proper helps. I also find that using a yoga mat and not doing them on carpeted floor helps resist friction, and a rolled towel or an ab-mat under my low back to avoid too much bouncing, all help.

  • In most WOD's I have seen with weighted situps, the Rx'ed weight is 30# for men and 20# for women. I am going to try to do as many of these as I can with the women's Rx'ed weight. You can use a dumb bell, a kettlebell, a sandbag, your dog, whatever, just get them done.
  • I've seen knees up and I've also seen feet hooked, I think both are alright. If you're not using any weight though, you need to be following the standards for the situp in Crossfit. 
Are you up for it?
I'll let you know how many I knock out in tonight's post.

Rock on!


  1. I'm with you girl! Challenge accepted!

  2. Wonder if the TON I did yesterday can count...

  3. I'm joining!! :-) great motivation to get that core stronger!

  4. Love that challenge! I want to do it with ya! Been reading your blog for a little while and it's become a fave of mine! Hope the move is going well :)

  5. Totally going to try it!