Monday, July 2, 2012

You're Filthy

Happy Monday and welcome to a new month! 

If you're a goal setter, and you should be, the beginning of the month is an awesome time to set yourself some short-term goals. And since we're now halfway through 2012, it's a great time to re-evalute your long term goals. 
  1. Complete Modern Army Combatives, Level 1
  2. Join the Army Now that we're moving to Atlanta and husband is USAREC, this goal has changed gears a little bit and deserves some more evaluation. Husband and I are considering Reserves or Guard.
  3. Stop biting my nails
  4. Study to become a personal trainer through NASM and ACE. I'm currently studying for my cPT from the American Council on Exercise, as well as finishing my Corrective Exercise Specialist certification from NASM. I'd also like to complete the Group Fitness Instructor certification through ACE, but we'll see if it's necessary. All of which I want to tackle in the next 6 months. 
  5. Complete Crossfit Level 1 Cert
  6. Quit drinking like a fish
  7. Learn the butterfly pull up
  8. PR my 5k
  9. Handstand walk
  10. Swing the 53lb kettlebell
  11. 100 double unders consecutively
  12. Get the muscle up. This would be easier if we had rings at our gym. 
A lot of these were fitness/Crossfit related. That's the beauty of the sport, there are so many movements to tackle and goats to kill, every day in the gym is purposeful. Stronger every day. 

When I think about going back to just being a runner, I want to gag. Boring, boring, boring.

And the other side affects don't hurt either. Being stronger, faster and looking better. 

New shirt from Academy from Nike. New Nike shorts too, but since they're black and I have a few pair of those, who cares. The tank is super breathable and doesn't get heavy when it's soaked with my liquid awesome sweat. 

Let me tell you a secret: I don't think I have the legs for short shorts like this, but I wear them anyway. Not to show off my legs, but because they REALLY are functional. When you're squatting, bouncing, bending over, jumping, you need something that is just going to stay. 

Rocking the Merell's.

Suns out, guns out.

The WOD's over the weekend were brutal. Saturday we did Filthy Fifty. 

The first time I did this workout, about a year ago, I couldn't swing a kettlbell to save my life. It was fun doing it again and Rx'ing the shizz out of it, let alone punching it in the face with a big old PR. 

Yesterday for my friend Kelly's Going Away (they're PCSing to Fort Sill, she's the gal in the purple), we did the Bring Bowe Home workout.

I was so pissed when I found out that to Rx it, ladies needed to use the 24" box. Fugg! I always like to do my Heroes right, so I feel bad. Like I let Bowe down.
The Bring Bowe Home WOD exists to spread awareness for Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl, United States Army (dob 28 March 1986) of Hailey, Idaho. Sergeant Bergdahl was captured in Afghanistan on 30 June 2009 by a Taliban allied Afghan insurgent group called the Haqqani Network. Three years later, Sergeant Bergdahl remains a prisoner of war in Afghanistan while the Taliban attempts to barter with America for his life in an effort to further its militant agenda. Bowe needs your voice, help spread his story, help bring our prisoner of war home. The purpose of the Bring Bowe Home WOD is to bring the community together through fitness while sharing Bowe’s story and raising money. 
This was a tough workout. The front squats nearly killed me. Three rounds representing his third year of captivity. One thousand meter row for 1000 days. 6/30/9 reps for the date Bowe went missing, June 30, 2009.

To help raise more awareness, I purchased a shirt and you can, too.

I don't like to leave my readers with a heavy heart, so here's a picture to tantalize your taste buds. 

Yesterday's brunch. Paleo waffle, egg whites, lactose-free cottage cheese, cherries, berries and Applegate sausage links.

A baby-Ritter for dessert. <3

What are some of your short term goals for the month? 


  1. I agree with the new month, new goals. Mine (after reading your blog)was to start weights, I do love running but found an awesome weight lifting plan that I started yesterday. I'm weeks away from my husband coming home, I think with your blog motivation, my own, my new plan and my AdvoCare I should have some definition in a handful of weeks! Thanks girl!!!

    1. That's so exciting that he's coming home!! :) Let me know how it goes with the weight training. What program did you find?

    2. a "Rachel Mac" 4 days a week workout, I have no idea who Rachel Mac is but I reeallly enjoy the workouts!!

  2. Awesome. You are totally owning your goals. I have a goal this month to track and do a lot better with my nutrition. I'm excited about it!! Love that new Nike shirt.

  3. I am committed to eating better (low glycemic) for the entire month and pushing myself to do every workout at 100 percent. I'm working on costumes for a con at the end of the summer and want to look awesome in them (and then keep up with the awesome).

  4. Um, you totally can wear those shorts - your legs are fabulous!

    My Goals....
    1) Get legs like Courtney's

    ..the rest I'm still working on!


  5. Thanks for inspiring me! I just started CrossFit last week, so after this post I'm going to make myself a goal list as well. 1. Get my kipping better (for some reason I can do strict pull-ups all day, but that damn kipping motion throws me off!)

    1. It took me a long time to do a normal pull up, let alone a kipping pull up, cheers to you girl! :)

  6. My goals for this month are to finally be able to do some handstand push-ups (I only just got enough confidence to try a handstand this weekend, after doing Crossfit for 6 months!), keep better track of how much/what I'm eating, get my finances on track so I save for a trip to the USA later in the year :)

    Those waffles look amazing (as do your legs)!

    1. HSPU were my goat for a long time, I almost gave myself a shoulder injury because I would spend 10-20 minutes a day after the WOD working on them ... be patient, they will come. :)

  7. Hummm, goal list. good call. Im going to get those toes to bar!

  8. wow, you look great and i love your legs. cute shirt too! i need to set a goal for this month too but life has throw me a setback and i need to go back to training:-(

  9. Whatever, your legs look awesome in the shorts!! :P what kind are they, the pro combat?

  10. You crossfit people make me want to start crossfit. I run, I spin, I group fitness, I lift, I workout DVD, but I've never crossfit. And I'm kind of getting tired of going to a class for an hour over and over again and not seeing results (although I've been doing it for 6 months and have seen some results...and people have noted)...but I want arms like yours!

    And your legs? Yeah, um, you can DEFINITELY pull those shorts off. No joke.