Sunday, July 22, 2012

Muscle Up Club

It's going to be short and simple tonight. 

Last night, after a day full of moving and packing, I put on gym real clothes for my husband and we went and saw The Dark Knight Rises. It felt good to sit back and relax for a second!

We grabbed sandwiches from Which Which before the showing. For less than $5, I got the Kids Turkey sandwich with extra veggies (cukes, toms, spinach) and ate it open faced to save myself some carbs. I had chocolate covered gummy bears to eat in the movie - a girls gotta keep her priorities straight. 

The movie was amazing. 

Almost as amazing as ... 

Pretty much the highlight of my existence.  

This morning was my Going Away WOD. They put up a new set of rings at the gym this morning, so while we were warming up I casually walked over to "test" a muscle up, and well, I stuck it. :) Thanks to Jason Khalipa's video last night, his words were echoing in my ears. Of course, I so surprised I couldn't believe it. And could not stick another one for the life of me. Dammit. Why is it the second people are watching, I buckle?

My Going Away Wod was just, you know, a typical walk in the park picking flowers and chasing butterflies.

Writing our epitaph onto the whiteboard.

How could I expect anything less? I Rx'ed it, though it was incredibly challenging. I thought about scaling those OHS so many times, but kept the 85 pounds on. 47 minutes and 50 seconds later ... 

It was emotional.

I will be going to Spin class tomorrow (taught by the cool old man above) and we have another WOD to do. It was nice to have everyone together this morning ... but I know I'll see folks again tomorrow. I'm trying my best to just keep all of the emotions in check. 

After the world's most brutal WOD, I just came home to hours and hours of packing and cleaning. 

I look perky here but I'm friggen pooped.

This thing is what it looked like when we started, I'll take a photo of it tomorrow when we're finished and it's bursting at the seams. 

We hit the road early Tuesday morning! Tomorrow we dot the I's and cross the T's. Cross your fingers our last day in the Hood goes smoothly. ;)

We're going to be staying the night in Jackson, Mississippi on Tuesday night. That's our halfway point, our final destination is Decatur, Georgia. 
Does anyone recommend a good (inexpensive hotel) or food joint we have to hit up along the way or in that area?


  1. congrats on that! :)

    and you look so fantastic for your date night!!

  2. First thing: LOVE the new header. Pretty sweet, lady.

    Second thing: You're a beast and I'm not at all surprised you got your muscle up! Dang girl. You inspired my wimpy self every damn day. Shoot!

    Third thing: good luck with the remainder of the packing and moving. I feel you--I'm moving from Alaska to Wisconsin in three weeks, and while most of my stuff is already there, I'm 125% sure I've got 40% more stuff with me up here now than I did when I got here in March. Ugh. SO much to pack. Power through it, though!

  3. Congratulations on getting a muscle-up!!!! You'll be doing them back-to-back in no time :)

  4. You are incredible. Did you lift free weights before cross fit?

  5. Congrats on the muscle up!!!!! That is so awesome!!!

  6. Awesome new photo as your header!! Grey job on the crazy WOD!!! Good luck with the move

  7. Awesome job on the muscle up! You are amazing! I also love the new header. Good luck with all the moving..

  8. Congrats on the Muscle Up!! Wow. Have a good move, you should make a ton on that DITY!

  9. Moving is no fun at all! But way to hit the gym in the middle of it. I moved at the beginning of July and am having a hard time getting back into my routine.

  10. Congrats on your first muscle up and good luck with the move!

  11. I came to your blog from Skinny Runner and wanted to tell you that you are amazing! You make me want to work harder to have half the muscles you have! Congratulations on the Muscle Up!


  12. Congrats on the Muscle Up! I'm in Jackson, MS! How funny!

  13. Congrats on that fantastic muscle up! And love the new header. Safe travels:)

  14. CONGRATS!! That's so exciting. Hope the move goes well!

  15. Wow, that WOD looked badass. well, i want to wish you and your hubby a safe trip to your new destinations and please be careful on the road.

  16. Congrats on the muscle up! Have a safe move.

  17. This is my first time on your bog Courtney and you are SO inspiring <3 you're in my Google reader now <3

    Keep smiling :) and congrats!!!!!

  18. Congrats, good luck, and Georgia awaits you!

  19. Way to go, Courtney! You will love Decatur. We lived there will hubby was in law school and it's still our choice for eating/going out.