Friday, July 13, 2012

Hang Cleanin' House

I was hang cleanin' da house this morning!

After Spin class this morning ...

For time:
2000m row
50 pistols, alternating legs
30 hang cleans @ 115#

Time: 22:27

I pretty much sucked royally through all 3 events. I could barely keep my row below 2:05/500m. I forgot we had to do 2000, actually, and kind of went all out the first 1000m. Whoops.

I'd never done a pistol before this morning, and was kind of confused on the proper execution of one. I'm pretty sure we are supposed to keep our heel firmly planted on the ground. I'm pretty sure this photo means I have piss poor form then. Damn. Too bad my photographer didn't get the photos of me sitting on my ass again and again, there is such a thing as going too low.

I wish I had photos of my girl Kam busting these out like she came out of the womb doing them. She pretty much looks like this:

Then there's little old me, looking a mess:

Lucky you I saved the sexiest photos for last ... the 115lb hang cleans pretty much cleaned me out.

Only 29 more to go, Courtney!

I've got some Games watching to do! Have a good night and an even better weekend!


  1. Good Lord! You are definitely my motivation. Anytime I feel like sitting on my ass I just check out your blog and make myself get it done. Still haven't tried CrossFit yet but I am dying to!! Need to find a place here in Austin.

    1. There are so many amazing boxes in the Austin area! What are you waiting for?! Try Crossfit Central, they're pretty well known and they have great, great classes and training. Plus, Kepler is amazing. She's my girl. ;)

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  3. Thanks! I will get over my fear and I will check it out!!

  4. Just found your blog and I love it! Can't wait to follow you!

  5. GIRL! You just KILL it!!!! You're my Sherah! ROCK ON!!!

  6. That's still an awesome row time! I'm short too and try as I might I can't get a 500m below 2:09 (and even that's basically rowing like a maniac!). Keep up the good work!