Friday, July 20, 2012

Glitter and Cabbage

Today's workout:
60 min Spin + Chipper WOD

10x Deadlift (135/95#)
20x Wall Ball (20/14#)
10x Hang Power Clean (135/95#)
20x Swings (53/35#)
10x Front Squats (135/95#)
20x Box Jumps (24/20#)
10x Push Press / Jerk (135/95#)
20x Pull Ups
10x Back Squats (135/95#)
20x Burpees

Time: 11:21, Rx'ed

Have you ever played the game Two Truths and a Lie?

1. I love cabbage.
2. I can do a muscle up
3. I won a Blogger giveaway.

I know, you're totally stumped, right?!

2 is false, I hate to admit.

I actually love cabbage. Who the hell loves cabbage? I used to hate it as a kid. The smell alone would send me running for the hills. And I did win a giveaway. A pretty badass giveaway.

If you're afraid of cabbage, this is the best way to bring it back into your spinach-only kitchen. If you're afraid of bacon we can't be friends, you can substitute it with turkey bacon. Sauté a few slices of nitrate free bacon in a cast iron skillet, toss in shredded cabbage, squirt a little water in there and wait about 5-7 minutes until it's soft, turning with a wooden spoon. Season with garlic salt. Munch.

I threw mine into a low-carb wrap for dinner tonight, along with some leftover turkey burger, baby tomatoes and sliced sweet potato, also leftover. Bake sweet potato for 20 minutes or so at 375, punching it few times with a fork and rotating half-way through. I like to bake 3-4 sweet taters like this and keep them in the fridge. They taste so much better when you go to pop them in the microwave and they make a perfect snack or side dish. 

In regards to the Giveaway, I'm uber pumped. It's an IN VIEW medal display case. We're talking hand-made wooden case to display all of the medals I've collected from races the last few years. And not only is it sweet SkinnyRunner is helping support small business, the guy is a former SEAL. As an Army wife, this makes the product extra special. I will always support my military and those who serve and have served. I think this guy took a great hobby/passion and turned it into a craft, and I love that he's making it available to others. And finally getting my dusty medals off of the rusty  nail they've been hanging on all half-assed. 

My girl Jo got her kipping pull ups! I snagged a beautiful shot of her loading up her hips for the kip.

This girl has come so far, it is crazy inspiring. 

We're picking up the moving truck tomorrow! We're loading it up over the next few days and taking off early Tuesday morning. I feel like I'm in a glass case of emotion. 


  1. Nice! I saw you won that giveaway. I guess I may need to try cabbage again.

  2. Good luck with the move!!!! I'm sure you will be getting a muscle up very soon! Love that chipper WOD...those are always my favorite!

    1. I love me some chipper's, but only when there is a time limit. I really love the AMRAPs and the time caps. Absolute killers. :)

  3. I jumped right in took note of the things I could do in my own (growing) home gym. Had a 35 minute workout this morning bright and early that whooped my booty. Seriously, this is amazing. This is what I have been looking for to amp up my running routine. I am so glad you won the giveaway over at SR because that is how I found your blog yesterday. Thank you!

    1. This makes me so happy! That is awesome. :)

  4. Sweet medal case! Good for the advertisement, I'll have to order one! We're moving from Ft. Bliss this week too, ahhhh, yes, another move!

    I've never made my own cabbage, I'll have to try it like that. Doesn't it give you gas though?

    1. I haven't noticed anything ... more than usual! I'm kind of a gassy girl, haha, my poor husband. :)

  5. I love cabbage, too! Just need it to be cooked, because raw cabbage and I still don't have a very good relationship. ;)

  6. Cabbage is so good. I eat it like everyday.

    Nice workout. (:

  7. I love cabbage too and i eat it everyday with my dinner meal. The wrap looks great.

  8. Hi There !

    first off i must say I love your blog! I check it frequently!

    I have a question ...ive been on a diet now for a month and a half and have lost 15 pounds. Its been pretty easy! howerver, i have recently incorporated exercise into my daily routine and I and now noticing weight gain and a larger apperance!! I am up three pounds! Ive been taking spin classes, doing the elipitical, and some pilates. Ive noticed this pouch on my stomach and my thighs are larger! I leave for a hawaiian vacation in 2 weeks exactly with a group of skinny friends and I dont know what to do??? I know exercise is super important but should i lay off until i get back from vacation and have time to let my mucles expand ??I dont even know if that makes sense! I just feel like im gaining muscle and its making me look and fell bigger!!2

    Could you please get back to me asap!! I would greatly appreciate any and all advice!!

    Thanks everyone!!