Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Georgia Peach

Today's workout (hotel gym)
800m run
100 double unders
Time: 26:04

We've made it to Georgia! We're almost to our final destination: Atlanta > Decatur. We're staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Douglasville, just west of ATL. And apparently, the safest place to park the moving truck overnight.

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore.

Monday morning I did my usual routine; Spin class and the WOD.
I am going to miss this!

How did I ever wind up with such crazy cool friends? They take wankster to another level.

When I grow up, I want to be like this girl.

I'm going to miss these girls so damn much.

I'm going to miss this gym. SO many memories, so many milestones met.

That night, we went out for one last huzzah. The final night with my ladies.

Just a few of the way too many photos we took of our absolute dumb asses. 

I told myself a drink was in order. A friend recommended told me I was getting the Hell Wilder. It came out on fire. And that fire continued to haunt me all day yesterday in the form of a wild headache. I'm such a grandma.

A few photos over the last 2 days/930 miles ... 

I'm really excited to see our new home tomorrow! Gotta hit the hay, 8 hours on the road today and an early wakeup to hit the (hotel) gym, I'm poooooped.

Do you workout when you're away from home?


  1. Ah, so not jealous of your road trip! I did a road trip/move three times from Ontario to Alberta, and hopefully never again. Hope it's going well though! Only 8 more hours and it's time to see your new house! :)

  2. Ps- re-read my comment and it sounded really negative...didn't mean for it to at all!

  3. DUDE! You are kind of amazing. I found your blog through random clicks on Pinterest, and am So glad I did! I'm a Georgia Girl recently relocated to SoCal (weird, right?! your opposite!), my brother is in the Army (and I'm a proud citizen, hooah!) so I feel the love there, and I am on a serious mission to get in my best shape ever. (32 year old Mama of 2) I think I have just found another guru in you... I'm so inspired by your work and your results! Damn, girl! Thank you for sharing your journey; I am looking forward to following along and learning more about how to do ... all the exercises with names I don't yet understand. ;) I'm from Atlanta, but have lots of friends all over; please feel free to hit me up if you need any recommendations. You are going to love it! (I hope my city doesn't let me down! ;) Southern hospitality is a very real thing, don't be scared. :) Best wishes and safe travels, y'all!

  4. I love all those pictures. (:

    And coming from someone who has moved a lot in her life time, it's a great experience in the end. You get to meet new people and what not. Currently, I'm stationed in Japan for the Marine Corps. Of course I am far away from everything I love and miss, but it's just another chapter in my book.

  5. So exciting you're almost there! I know moving is bittersweet: leaving behind everyone and everything you know is difficult, but its fun to learn a new place and meet new people. Yes, I do workout when I'm away from home, especially if I'm going to be gone for more than 3 days...

  6. Welcome to ATL! I live here in the city and LOVE it! Great southern hospitality too! Let me know if you need any recs too- gyms, restaurants, farmers markets, etc. Thanks for your daily inspiration and motivation! We should get a group of ATL ladies together to do a tough work out!!

  7. Ditto to Layne, I too live in Atlanta and if you need any recs let me know. I was a military brat and can relate to the highs and lows of every move. Let's get a group together for some tough WODs. Here is to a stress free settling in stage for you and the hubs!

    1. Yeah!! Would love to meet up fora WOD!!

  8. Good luck with your new place!! Hope you love it!

  9. Welcome to HotLanta! Thats what they call it. And for good reason. Whew! Its certainly hot. You will love it here. And you will fit right in. Atlanta is full of lots of beautiful athletic people...just like you. Thank you so much for your blog. I read your posts everyday. You are such an inspiration.

  10. I am always tempted to NOT workout if I get off schedule or out of town. Thanks for reminding me to not suck! I'll go to the afternoon WOD now...

  11. Im so happy that you made it safely to your destination!!! Your doggy is so cute. Nice pictures of you..

  12. welcome to the south! :) hope you get settled and transitioned quickly!

  13. Hope you enjoy living in the dirty south. There is one place that you have to visit, my fav. place to shop in the whole world! It's the Dekalb County Farmers Market, but not your avg. market- it is like the perfect mixture of whole foods and flea market prices. Address: 3000 East Ponce De Leon Avenue, Decatur GA

  14. Just found your blog, love it! I'm from Atlanta and just moved to Florida for my husbands job- we travel alot so I know how you feel! And I agree with Sara above, Dekalb Farmer's Market is the sh*t and has amazing health foods. You are a crossfit inspiration btw, I want to join so bad whenever we get settled somewhere!