Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom Fest 5k

Happy 4th of July!
I ran the Freedom Fest 5k (at the very last minute) this morning. (Literally, I made it to the starting line with enough time to reset my Garmin and turn on my music before the gun sounded.)

 It's a good thing I have such patriot lady friends, because as I was getting dressed (apparently in the dark) this morning, I totally forgot my red, white and blue (this shirt is pink and my shoes were purple). 

You'd think for an Army wife I'd be more patriotic. Fail.

You wouldn't be surprised though to see an Army wife sipping on her classy Solo Cup stemware. Holler! Pinkies up.

Husband and I went and grubbed after the 5k Cracker Barrel style. This was the first time in the way too many times I've eaten Cracker Barrel where I didn't order off the breakfast menu. This salad tasted like Thanksgiving, minus the food baby feeling. So good. A stack of pancakes still sounds fantastic though ... 

Do you love how non-Patriotic I am in the kitchen, too? I made it to red and white .... but lost the blue.  That's okay, I'm not sure blue food coloring is Paleo. 

These little nuggets of Heaven are though! Albacore stuffed avocados. 
Need I say more?

Elliott's even-shorter summer hair cut.
Again, need I say more?

How did your Holiday turn out?
We went and saw Brave (loved it!), James played some soccer, and we tooled around the house. No BBQ's. No over-eating. No binge drinking. Nothing to regret tomorrow. 

Ahhhh, life is good when you're an old fart. 


  1. Stuffed avocados always look so delicious and they're so easy to make. I love salsa in mine too! Hope you had a nice relaxing Fourth yesterday! I did nothing exciting either other than a big family cookout.

  2. We were looking at doing a little 5k, but it was soo expensive I opted out. Instead we biked around, did our own workout, hung out with our dog, and grilled. It IS good being old. Lol.

  3. i have never tried tuna and avocado, it looks good though. I had to work yesterday but off today. have a good one..

  4. Agreed 100%, with the being old part......just did my exercise and then spent the rest of the day put putting around the house. Nice. And your right, no regrets going on today, I'm all rested up to begin the next two days at work. Good 4th of July indeed.

  5. Love the no regrets thought. Way to be on the 5k! Are you eating 100% paleo now?

    1. Haha, no! I was trying to be sarcastic when I made the joke about blue food coloring not being Paleo ...

    2. Ha! I caught that, it just seems your meals are more paleo oriented. I eat paleo most of the time, but wondering if you can tell a difference in your endurance/strength if you did clean up your eating to match the paleo lifestyle ;)

  6. Sounds like you had a fun holiday! I LOVE the Solo cup glass, where is it from? :)