Monday, July 16, 2012

Do These Deadlifts Make My Butt Look Big?

Today's sweat session:
45 minutes Spin + CrossFit

6 RFT:
250m row
7 deadlifts, 145#
7 renegade rows, 35# dumb bells

Time: 24:50

The renegade rows were freaking heavy. Damn those dumb bells. The deadlifts though felt beautiful. I threw a weight lifting belt on after the first round, just to be safe. It was my first time wearing one - I liked it. Easy to tighten and to loosen as I moved from the lifts to the rows, and from the rows to rower. 

I never thought I was "legit" enough to need a belt. 

I thought only guys like this used belts (though he looks like he might need two belts.) 

A weightlifting belt serves two main purposes. 
  1. Reduce stress on the lower back while the person is lifting.
  2. Prevents back hyperextension during overhead lifts. 
It reduces low back stress by compressing the contents of your abdominal cavity, which increase IAP (intra-abdominal pressure), which provides more support in front of the bones of the lower back. This takes some of the pressure and force off of your spinal erector muscles, which would normally provide the support the low back needs in a lift like this. 

Secondly, the belt prevents hyperextension by forming a rigid wall around the torso, connecting the rib cage to the hip. 

For some of those lifters who are proprioceptively challenged or a little more novice, a belt allows them "feel" the lift a little better; to be more aware of their lower back position. The sensation of the belt against your back allows you to consider your back position and what muscles must be activated to achieve optimal posture. 

However, a belt must be worn tightly or it is pretty useless.

I have a low back injury, so I used the belt. This guy thinks they're pretty useless and add a false sense of security. Whatever, it was the belt or my baby blanket. 

So, you think you're going to look like that guy up there if you lift big? Think again my friends, think again.

Lindsey Smith

Azadeh Boroumand

Paige Millspaugh

Making muscles on women look fuggin' good!

Did you watch the Crossfit Games over the weekend? 
Don't even have to ask me that question, psh!

It was epic! I loved this article titled "Moments in Time" highlighting some of the most epic and memorable moments of this years Games. 

Sometimes, in my dreams, I wish to compete in the Games (like every other Crossfitting fool and their mom), and then I go and enter my stats into MyFranTime, and I'm reminded that I have a LONG way to go. ;) So I just go back to eating my waffles.


  1. I sure was watching the crazy! One of the coaches from my box was competing in the masters division and it was awesome to see her kicking serious butt! She came in 14th! I hope I am tough like her in my 40's!

    1. The programming we've been following has been put together by Nate Schrader, s ranked Top 12 in the Individual Men!

  2. My question is, how do you know if you have a low back injury or your just tired? I STILL have not recovered from Diane over a week ago at 185...
    The belt looks appealing to my sad lower back!

    1. I don't have any low back pain since learning how to properly deadlift. My lats and my hammies feel all the soreness.

  3. Hey i just stumbled across your blog by way of pinterest and just wanted to say that I've found your posts really fun to read and inspiring. I love the photos and journal entry topics. Keep them coming and keep me inspired!

    I've only taken an intro crossfit course, but after reading this I want to make it a habit more and more. Thanks again

  4. My back is perpetually sore which is not a good thing, have been thinking about looking into using a belt for some lifting also.

    1. Focus on flexing your hamstrings before lifting. Activate them before lifting the bar!

  5. I was glued to the Games this weekend too! So incredibly amazing to watch!

  6. hmm, i miss the watching the crossfit games! i wonder if they are going to re show it on tv.

    1. All of the workouts are archived On the CrossFit Games website! You can watch them all plus a ton more interviews, highlights, etc. :)

    2. Hey, Courtney! Thank you for responding and i will check it out. You are truly inspirational and you look fantastic! Have a good day tomorrow.

  7. Hey girl, I've never commented here before but I LOVE your blog and your message. I'm paleo/crossfit and its great to see a woman promoting muscle!! YOU ARE RIPPED!!

  8. Coming from the "old school training" days, weight belts are always a good idea when doing heavy deadlifts.

  9. Omg I just stumbled across your wesite on pinterest and you are amazing!! I so wish my body looked as good as yours does. I see you are a military wife as well and your hubby is a recruiter and ya'll live in Texas, cool. Us too and my hubby is a recruiter also!! Its good to see military wives doing something positive, keep up the good work!

  10. I recently stumble upon your blog and was wondering how long have you been doing crossfit. you look fantastic! How long did it take to see the results from crossfit? I'm not sure if you have written about it prior.

  11. I appreciated your "shout out" for the weight belt. I just started using it recently and PR'ed by DL. They don't seem to be very popular in the Crossfit community, but it makes me feel way more confident.