Friday, July 6, 2012

Believe the Hype

If I start slacking on the blogging, I just want to say that it's not you, it's me. We're in the middle of moving, and this shizz is stressful! Just in case moving isn't hard enough - throw the stress of the Army in there, too.

It's a good thing I have the gym to take my mind off of things, otherwise I'd be going bat-shit crazy.

Maybe being bat-shit crazy wouldn't be so bad after all ... 

Yesterday's Workout: 
30 rounds for time 
3 chest to bar + 3 regular pull ups

Time: 26:04, Rx'ed

Let me be clear, ripping your hands is nothing to ever brag about. Hand rips are a stupid part of the kind of workouts we have to do, and one should never aim for rips. It doesn't make you more hardcore, it doesn't make you better, badder or faster. It's the opposite I think. Because now I won't be able to use my hands for a week. What's smart about that? 

I tried to be smart during this WOD, I tried to keep my hands dry (toweling off) and to keep the bar dry and chalk-free, as well as use minimal amounts of chalk. It sucks because I sweat like A BEAST. I also was practicing a good bar-grip technique (using mainly just my fingers) until about round 25, when I was just so fuggin' tired, and started gripping with more of my palm instead of my fingers (which requires stronger forearm grip strength.) I also wasn't kipping very hard, because the more rotation and movement there is through the body, it will travel up to the hands and yes, create more friction against your hands and the bar = tears. But, again, as I was getting tired, I had to kip like a BITCH to get those chest to bar. I felt my palm skin slough off like a snake skin on the last round. 

Popping those blisters was fun. Real fun. But they need to be done. Use a needle, let it drain, then keep it moisturized! An unscented chapstick rubbed all over works wonders as well as a little Mederma. They look 100x better this morning. Just make sure whatever you put on it as no alcohol in it, these are open wounds and that stuff stings like a bitch. 

Bra shopping yesterday proved to be a fail. Why can't they make athletic clothing for actual athletes?! This bra was so tight around my rib cage, thanks to my ever-growing lats. You'd think they would make athletic clothing a little more accommodating for women with athletic bodies - strong legs, small waists, broad shoulders and broad backs. Oh no, Nike is still designing clothes for emaciated women getting busy on the elliptical to look like this "athlete." 

Really? Strong? I don't see any muscle on her anywhere!

 Sadly, its not just Nike, I have this problem everywhere. Lululemon, Adidas, Lucy, Victoria Secret, etc. I have a little bit better luck with Under Armour. I snagged this gem of a t-shirt and running shorts from the PX yesterday.

The shorts are a sweet Army green color. <3

Ran a few errands this morning, picked up some goodies for tomorrow.

Tomorrow? What's tomorrow you ask?

No big deal, no big deal. 


  1. you are an inspirational machine!

  2. Wow! That workout tomorrow morning looks absolutely insane. Best of luck. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Wow.

  3. Wow, that workout is a monster, I don't even think I could get through half of it!! We did "Filthy Fifty" this morning and that was enough for me! You're amazing though, so I'm sure you'll do awesome :) Good luck!

  4. Um. that workout looks brutal. GL.
    I left a message on your IG. Go buy actual batting gloves! They have a stick to them and no padding. I cut the fingertips off mine and have not torn once! (I couldn't even do 10 kips consecutively without tearing. Tears hurt like a bitch. I'm sorry doll. Angie tmrw is going to be a blast with that sucker rip.
    ps. moving is a bitch to.. ugh. worst. thing. ever.
    PSS. (is that a thing) anyway, I went pants/short shopping yesterday and it blew.. they need to start making real clothes that fit athletic bodies. I couldn't get a pair of skinny jeans over my calves! All jeans are so mother effing tight on my thighs but loose on my waist so when I bend over they fall down. Screw it. Ill wear spandex forever. Maybe one day they will make jeans that will compensate my man calves and overly developed hamstrings :)

  5. Wow tomorrows workout looks crazy!!!! Good luck! I'm with you on the hand ripping! There is nothing great about it because then you can't get back on the bar for a week! Try taping your hands up next time, that might help a bit! I agree though if you're on the bar long enough you can only be smart for so long before all good form goes out the window :) My biggest issue is my grip. If I try to grip with just my fingers, I am off the bar in seconds! So annoying!

  6. I'm right there with on the bra shopping, hate it! I have broad shoulders and back - it's a pain trying to find something that fits and actually works (and looks good too)! I loved your commentary on the Nike picture, spot on! I don't think people stop and actually look at the picture, they just read the words, lol! :)

    Good luck with your move! Moving is hard enough but throw in the Army... forget it! My husband is AD Army too and we're moving in October! :)

    ps: LOVE your blog!

  7. That endurance challenge looks BEAST! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. Your bod is seriously AMAZING. I feel like I am getting closer and closer to having the bod I want- if only i could give up the wine and beer. GAH. You seriously look incredible, ripped hands and all!!

  9. I LOVE Under Armour! Also have an awful time finding jeans that are big enough in the thighs/small enough in the waist and shirts with big enough arm holes and small midsections...if any one has any brands they like for these problems please share!!

  10. Just discovered your blog- totally inspiring! That work out looks... epic. I hate to use that word (it's so over used, especially here in CO!) but for real.
    Go get em!

  11. Courtney you look great in that picture!

  12. Hey Courtney :-) I love your blog and always check it out... you are really great at motivating me!
    Here in England we have "Sweaty Betty" it is like lululemon and has these great compression bras in loads of gorgeous colours, they are 92% Polyamide so they are really stretchy and compress you where needed... I have tons of them in loads of colours and they are great :-) (I think they deliver to USA too...)

    Good Luck for that huge endurance workout! ...and you are so organised with all of your goodies!

    Take care, Rachel.

  13. Damn that endurance challenge sounds fun. I'm sure you'll kill it. Have fun!

  14. WTF. That workout is nuts. Get it!
    I am always looking for long shirts. UA and Lulu do a decent job but Lulu is outrageous in price. UA is by far my fav but I have been pleased with Reebok and the new line of workout gear. title 9 has always had the best sports bras for me.

  15. Could you post the recipe for the protien tart?? It looks freaking good!!

  16. Hey! I just found your blog via Pinterest, and my gosh!
    You're such an inspiration!

  17. Hey girl, just came across your blog and caught up on the last ten posts or so. Seriously. Impressed. Wow! Amazing body, too. As to the bras, made me think. Have you tried ShockAbsorber? I live for the ShockAbsorber Run bra, nothing keeps me as supported as that one. And it comes it 'regular' bra sizes, so instead of small, medium or large, you actually get it according to your inches and cup size, i.e. 34C or whatever. Might be worth a try? Good luck with the move tomorrow, I'll keep reading...

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