Sunday, July 8, 2012

The 8-Hour Crossfit Endurance Challenge

We did it! Eight glorious, grueling hours later ... 
and only a little worse for wear. 

I've been slugging around for most of the day recovering. 
But let's recap yesterday's momentous occasion!

My alarm went off at 4:45am and I snoozed accordingly. 

5:45am, dressed and caffeinated, I headed on post to meet the crew. 

We were set to start at 6am, but it's hard to get a bunch of women moving on time. So our 110 minute ruck march ended up only being a 100 minute ruck march (we really wanted to stay on time with the board and the designated time during each event.)

The March was a lot of fun! The pace was light enough that we could chat. And take photos. Priorities people, priorities. 

Total distance was about 5 miles.

The rucks were optional (for the people that had them). James had to turn all of his gear in to CIF because we're clearing post and he's going into Recruiting. So, not only did he have to turn the things in that were issued to him here at Fort Hood, but everything he's acquired over the last 10 years in the Army. If he needs them while he's Recruiting, USAREC will issue them to him again. 

The couple that marches together stays together! 

(I was really bummed that I didn't have a ruck. I kind of felt like I was cheating this whole beginning part of the workout.)

We made it back to Base Camp, hydrated, ate, changed shoes, etc and prepared for the 1st running portion of the workout: 60 minutes at half-marathon pace. I maintained an easy 9:00-9:30 and tackled a little over 6 miles. I had a Gu at this point and a handful of dried banana chips. 

Right after the run, we had to get right into the 1000 walking lunges.

I started adding Sustain to my water at this point. They're little packets of Gatorade-type electrolyte packets. They're lower in sugar and have less crap in them than Gatorade though. 

We had an hour to complete the 1000 walking lunges. If we finished early, it meant we had more time to rest. I finished about 9:45, so had time to spare. It was MUCH NEEDED REST. It gave me about 20 minutes to eat, hydrate, re-Body Glide and change. 

I had 1/2 of an Odwalla Protein Bar and VitaCoco Coconut Water. 

I love me some VitaCoco! I feel like it gave me wings for the AMRAP we had coming up.

5 rounds: 
1 minute dips (as many reps as possible), 1 minute rest
1 minute paralette pushups (as many reps as possible), 1 minute rest

I tried to get 25 of each each round. No promises that was happening the last round, homies.

What, we don't do dips in the supine position?

Guess what? NO rest, just straight into another 60 minute run. 

We were almost half-way done at this point and I was excited to get out on the road and run some more. Until my knees started giving out on me. I guess a lot of lunges will do that to ya. My pace on my Garmin started to crawl. I was maintaining a 9:30 pace, then a 10:30, then an 11:30! But you know what, I didn't stop, and I never walked. I just kept my little booty shufflin'.

 This time I ran just a little over 4 miles. I didn't mind conserving what energy I had for "Angie." After the run we were given 15 minutes to eat, change, hydrate again. I had some more dried bananas, the rest of the Odwalla protein bar and cracked into another coconut water, this time with pineapple = more electrolytes. 

This is when the fun really began. 

Do you guys remember the 180 chest to bar and regular pullup WOD I did just 2 days before? That resulted in this hot mess?

Yeah, well, my hands nor grip had really recovered. So, needless to say, this shizz was epic amount of painful. 

Crazily enough, I didn't rip again. Even though the skin was raw and tender, my grip was so precise on that bar (just the fingers), plus I used minimal amounts of chalk and taped up like a pro. Lesson learned. 

100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats


We had just 30 minutes to finish it. Yikes. Thankfully, I knocked it out with a few minutes to spare and started munching on another Odwalla bar (I read about the importance of taking in protein during Endurance events here)

Trying to catch a 5 minute cat nap before the next event ... 

10x100m sprints with 1 minute rest between reps. 

(I should critique this running form, but oh, I was so tired and it was so bad, so bad.) I wouldn't say I was sprinting, more like glacial running. 

Then, it was RIGHT back inside, we had 100 burpees to do in 15 minutes!

No rest time! Right back up into 
4 rounds of:
 50 squats and 5 muscle ups
(Sub: 3 pull ups + 3 dips = 1 muscle up)

I decided to start napping in the middle of the WOD's. Why the fugg not?

After this, 500 situps. I only made it to 115 before I ran out of time and it was on to the last event: 
the 1 mile run. 

This run felt like forever.
and ever, 
and ever,
and ever.

Here are the stats from the whole 8 hours. 

Except for missing those last situps, I am so happy that I finished everything and made it through the day without seriously bonking or pooping myself or dealing with some other disastrous event. 

You know what, more than anything, in the last 24 hours I've just been ridiculously THIRSTY.
I drank three 64 oz bottles of water, a full Camelbak and a few coconut waters throughout the event. Clearly, this was not enough. I still feel parched and have had a pretty gnarly migraine. 

I just had to get up for another bottle of water.*

My appetite hasn't been through the roof, but I did make myself a pretty fantastic breakfast this morning. 

Just what you want to deal with when you're so sore you can barely stand. Epic waffle fail. I was playing with a protein powder + coconut flour recipe and forgot to turn my waffle iron temp down. Fugg. It still needs to be cleaned. Someone want to come scrape this dried waffle out of my machine for me? 

They did made some pretty epic pancakes.

Lunch was a fantastic Protein "tart" that I kind of pulled out of my ass. Not really, but I wasn't following a recipe.

So delicious and 25g of protein. Can I get an Amen?

And dinner!

Guess who's back in the gym tomorrow? Nothing like Spin class and a little Crossfit to get some life back into the gams!

Would you be up for the Challenge?


  1. Oh em gee, I am beyond impressed! You are crazy - in a good way though! I just recently found your blog and I LOVE it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Happy to have you! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  2. holy shiz balls. I think an Ironman, may be a piece a cake for you. Ha! Im SO freaking proud of you. You are an amazing athlete. rock on chica.

  3. Wow! You're quite amazing! I'm just starting to get into a little bit of strength training; Not cross fit; just strength training. I love your blog.

    What kind of sauce did you use for your sloppy joes?

    1. Just an organic can of tomato sauce. Look for something that has no sugar in it - hard to find but they're out there!

  4. Is it strange that I was reading through this thinking "I want to do that"!!! I think it looks so awesome, fun, and terrible, all at the same time! Congrats though you should be so completely proud of yourself for getting through all of that! You are such an inspiration!

    1. You would fit RIGHT in with us, we're a bunch of crazies. :)

  5. I found your blog a few weeks ago and I keep it pulled up all the time so I can catch your newest posts (I'm not stalking you...promise). But I want you to know out of the millions of blogs out there - yours is the only one I really follow! You are an inspiration and I thank you for sharing part of your life! @Danielle - I certainly hope it wasn't strange...I was reading it thinking, "Within a year - I'm going to be this healthy!"
    Awesome Job!!

    1. Ah man, if you could see how this comment has me cheezin' right now. :) Thanks girl!

  6. Get down with your bad-ass self!

  7. Damn! That's awesome...congrats on making it though & making it look easy! You certainly have motivated me to get up off my lazy butt today to get a workout it!

  8. That is intense!! Amazing job! I would have been spent after the 1000 walking lunges!! You are awesome!!

    1. The lunges really weren't that bad! Does that make me epically insane/totally off my rocker that I just said that? I was the most nervous about this part of the workout, hands down.

  9. There's no way I'd be down for that challenge. That's awesome. Was this something that crossfits around the country did or was this just something at your gym?

    1. Just us! I am lucky to have a crazy enough group of friends. :)

  10. you are quite the machine! no i cannot fathom doing that challenge and i'm in awe there were so many of you who completed it. excellent work!

    1. We all saw each other today and shook out heads at each other, "Did we really do that?" Really? REALLY!

  11. WOW!!!! Congrats on finishing that bad boy of an event :)
    Massively inspirational - I sooo want to give that a bash. Think I will be getting a group together to do that when I am done with my bulking phase.
    Totally amazing :D

  12. MAJOR props to you and you crew!

  13. I can't even wrap my head around this. Girl, you are freakin' amazing! Well done, indeed. I swear to goodness, your badassery in so stinkin inspiring.

  14. So intense!! I'd love to do something like that - at least the parts of it I'm able to at this point. Definitely still working on some of those skills.

  15. Could you post the Sloppy Joe recipe please?

  16. Awesome! I'm just getting caught up after the weekend. This is bad ass. I agree with some of the other posters, I would love to be able to do this. Sometimes I think of you when I'm squatting or doing box jumps... I'll get there someday.