Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Today was such a sweet day in the gym!


(Next tattoo?)

I received an email this morning from a reader who asked about my daily eating habits, and what a day of noshing looks like for me. So, I put down all of my hot dogs and contemplated the question ...

"Wow, this is so hard to answer because I eat such a variety of foods, which changes every day." But then when I thought about it, I really don't. I usually buy the same things in the grocery store, and my cheat meals even tend to be the same. When we go out, I usually order a variation of the same thing: a salad with no croutons, no cheese and dressing on the side, extra steamed vegetables on the side. I am consistent in how much I eat and in my macro nutrients. Everything else changes, maybe different kinds of vegetables or different kinds of proteins, but I eat a 4-6 oz. serving of protein with a hefty portion of vegetable for dinner every night, rarely with a carbohydrate.

I guess I'm a little more vanilla than I thought.

So, hold on to your butts, here goes, a sneak peak into my eats for the day ...

I have coffee every morning. 

An 8oz cup of coffee, made in the Keurig, right now I'm obsessed with Raspberry Chocolate Truffle from Van Houtte, sweetened with a packet of Stevia. 

Because coffee sometimes makes my stomach turn early in the morning, I will have a bite or two of something on my way to the gym.

Today happened to be a few bites of a Pure Protein bar. (I bought a variety box in bulk from Sam's Club.) I like these bars because they only have 3g of sugar. 

After my workout is all finished, Spin + CrossFit, I drink a protein shake. Again, I aim for a protein powder low in sugar. For the last month or so I've been drinking this.

I also add BCAA powder to the mix (see above). I've been using Optimum Nutrition brand that I ordered them from I take two caps, open them, pour them into my shaker.

With the shake (and maybe a small green apple or the rest of my protein bar), usually sustained until about noon or 1pm. From about noon to dinner time, it's a little hell-mell. Today I had 1/2 fresh honeydew before heading to the pool with some friends and a single-serving plain Fage Greek Yogurt.

I packed even more honeydew and a few plump strawberries as well as a 1/2 pint of blueberries into a cooler to take with. I chopped up a cucumber and 1/2 pint of grape tomatoes and tossed it with a little balsamic and munched on that as well.

When I got home, around 3:45, I made myself my version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and took the dog on a mile-long walk. I had a large handful of toasted walnut halves, too. 

About 5:30 I started working on dinner, while munching on carrot chips and hummus. 

I had a bison beef burger on a bed of tender ruby reds topped with grilled onion and an egg. 

For a little added creaminess, I added a small sprinkle of feta crumbles.

I settled on a (large) handful of these delicious chocolate chips for dessert with a generous glass of pinot.

I took my evening fish oil (the B-Complex I take in the morning after the gym) and set a pot of hot water to boil while I took the dog on another 10 minute walk. I'm now drinking a cup of 40 calorie hot cocoa that I season with ginger and cinnamon, and I'll head to bed by about 10 (fingers crossed I sleep tonight!) and wake up tomorrow at 6:15. 

But, like I said, it changes a wee bit. Here's an example of what I had for breakfast yesterday. 

And what I had for dinner, a Steak Salad (no beans or dressing) from Freebirds World Burrito.

See that queso fresco on there? Heaven!

Hmm, if only I could get my hands on some of these now ...


  1. I wish we had such a variety of food in Australia, there are so many things that you guys have that we can't get at all :(

    I have a question, how many hours a day/week do you spend exercising (spin, gym, whatever)?

    1. Spin classes are 45 minutes, 3 days a week, and the WOD's are usually 10-15 minutes long, occasionally weekend WOD's take a little longer (like a Hero WOD or a chipper. I CrossFit 3 days on, one day off.

  2. Yum!!! I eat pretty similarly! What macro breakdown do you aim for? You really look incredible, it's inspiring!

  3. Thanks for sharing your day! It is so interesting to see how other crossfitters choose to fuel. Congrats on the PR's 95lbs strict OH press is crazy! So strong!

  4. thank you for sharing your food with us and i been wanting to buy that B-Complex vitamin. you look so pretty in that picture. have a good day tomorrow.

  5. I love that picture of you! You are gorgeous! I tagged you in the One Lovely Blog award - go check it out!!!

  6. That all looks soo good. I really want Keurig!

  7. This was completely not the point of the post are beautiful! And your front squat = badass.