Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snatch, Jerk, Surprise

Planning a surprise party is no joke! But when it goes off without a hitch and the bestie is totally surprised, all the planning, the organizing, the sneaky lies - worth it!

I wanted to do something unique (she's a pretty awesome girl), and ordering a tank or gym bag from LifeAsRx wouldn't cut it ... so I  hit up Hobby Lobby to challenge my 3rd grade level craft skills.

Hours and hours (and days later), I think even Martha Stewart would be proud of the final product.

And I have no idea how I pulled it off, but this crazy cake is a product of my culinary prowess craziness.

It started with a vision and a few supplies ... I couldn't find directions on how to make a kettlbell cake, so I kind of improvised.

 I Googled as I went along (like wtf is a crumb coating?) and if it'd be safe to keep in the freezer (because the cake was soft and the handle kept slipping off!). Where would I be without you, Google?

The Betty Crocker Butter Pecan Cake mix is da bomb. I also used Fudge Chocolate for the bottom layer (it was 3 layers total). 

I was sporting a romper from Kohl's that I bought last summer. I love me a little romper! It's a dress without all that fussy leg-crossing. I also love me some ruffles up top, because I don't really have anything up top. The fashion mags tell me it's all about the illusion people, illusion. 

A few of us even got our toes done for the occasion. Shrek-feet begone!

Not the sandals I was wearing with the romper, promise.

Birthday shot!

Hamburger Hoff meets Cake Hoff. We were meant to be. <3

Happy Birthday to my love! 

It's a good thing we all made it home before midnight, because this mornings WOD was brutal. 

More on that tomorrow ... 


  1. That cake is SICK. Can you make one for my birhtday too haha ;) What a fun time, your friend must have been floored!

  2. between the homemade bag AND cake, I think you nailed it. I kept wondering how you made the handle and it looks like one of the last pics that its a headband? Creative genius!

  3. great job on the cake and the dress is cute

  4. Ok, so that kettlebell cake? Just amazing!

  5. That bag and cake turned out awesome! Want to be friends and make me one? :)

  6. That cake is awesome!!!!!!!!!!