Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Husband Is Hotter Than Yours

Dear Husband came home last night! My newly minted Recruiter is stunning. 

His flight came in a little later in the evening, so I had all day to re-clean the house, re-curl my hair, and re-apply my mascara. It was intense suspense. 

I was so nervous! More than I was on our first date! 


I got a pedicure yesterday, just for him. (I don't think he wanted to rub up against my Shrek feet. The level of callus that poor woman was shaving off my feet was a little alarming ...)

And I even whacked a little bit of my hair off. (See the short bangs again? I keep going back to them like an ex-boyfriend.)

I made a HUGE batch of Paleo waffles yesterdays, this time with dark cherries and bacon grease (instead of the coconut oil), and they are amaaaazor.

I tried my hand at whipped coconut "frosting" made from a can of full-fat coconut milk, let's talk about DOUBLE amazor. Nom, nom, nom. Get your drool off your keyboard. 

This morning I threw one in the toaster oven and topped it with sugar-free raspberry jam and almond butter. 

This could be lunch, too. Just saying.

James picked this up at the airport, thinking that I'd get my nose into it. I am a chapter in and wow, it's so good. I have a love affair with dogs, and I love the viewpoint from this author.

We are off to drag some sleds! Mile long sled-drag with 60# for women and 90# for men. Husband is excited to get back into it since being gone!

Have a wonderful weekend, and go lift something heavy for me!


  1. I have been dying to make the coconut cream! Im out of town and missing my regular meals...I did totally drool on the keyboard. I love the bangs, you pull them off nice.

  2. You look gorgeous. So happy for you that he's back. Man that coconut cream!! Looks amazing!!!

    1. Oh, and I have that dog book!! It's really good!

  3. Thanks, I'm SUPER hungry now!!! lol
    LOVE your hair btw, and happy for the both of you that hubby is back ;)
    My hubs travels ALOT, so I sympathize!

  4. your husband is handsome and you look so pretty!

  5. Your feet are hot. Just so you know ;)

  6. that picture of your feet.... the one toe is a different color than the rest. that is sexy

  7. I agree, your feet are smoking! Hot!!

  8. Oh how I love those toes!

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