Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jane Fonda the Honda

Today's workout: 60 min Spin

Welcome to the family, Jane Honda!

(Elliott is still too scared to get inside, but he'll hang out with her outside.)

My new happy place. <3

Jane Honda is a blast! She's everything I could ever want in a car. Sexy, great gas mileage (average 35mpg), 5-speed transmission, comfortable seats, amazing handling, sunroof, off the chain sound system, I could go on for days people, for days. 

I'm pretty sure it was destiny.

What is one thing you were not willing to budge with when you were car shopping? 
For me it was fuel economy and the amount of miles it had on it (I am her 2nd owner.) 

A sun roof and manual transmission were also way, way, up there. :)

Can you drive a manual?
(Shhh, my husband won't admit it, but he doesn't know how ;)

I'll leave you with a snap shot of yesterday's workouts. 

It's Ladies Night tonight, we're off to dinner at Razoo's and the midnight showing of Magic Mike. 



  1. Love the car! Hilarious name hahah. How was Magic Mike?

  2. Actually your husband does know how to drive a manual, not sure where you got the idea he didn't.