Monday, June 25, 2012

The Frone Zone

Today's Workout
60 minute Spin class + Hero WOD "Strange"

Today's VOD (vocab of the day) 
The Frone Zone (pronounced phrone): to be in a Rich Froning-like state during the WOD and kick total ass. "Man, I was in the Fron Zone during Strange!"

to Frone (phrone): to fall from a rope. "She pulled a total Fron today, she won't be able to WOD for a week."

As hard as it is to tear my eyes away from this photo ...

They have a new instructor teaching the 8am Spin class at Abrams Gym on Fort Hood. She has a way different style than we're used to. She keeps the lights on and the music is really quiet. I even asked her if we could turn off the lights (there are windows in the room) and she said no, "I like to see everyone."

Apparently she likes seeing half-dead, not-really-awake patrons in a frenzied state sweating their wazoo's off.

Seriously, it looks like I went swimming, there is so much sweat pooled at the bottom of my bike after class. Don't hate. That sweat is liquid sex.

Said no one ever.

Anyways, it was hard to get into the "groove" and have a good time like we usually do - it's sad when half the class walks out because they see this new instructor, and then the few that did stay, end up leaving half way through because the energy is just not there. I think our awesome Spin days are coming to an end. Uber sad face, uber sad face.

It was a good thing I had "Strange" to whip me into shape this morning after that dud of a Spin class. Check out this crazy WOD in the demo here from Crossfit HQ.

U.S. Navy Cryptologist Technician (Collection) Petty Officer 1st Class (Expeditionary Warfare Specialist) Michael J. Strange, 25, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit, died on August 6, 2011, of wounds suffered when his unit's helicopter crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his fiancee Breanna Hostetler, parents Elizabeth and Charles, and siblings Katelyn, Carly, and Charles.

It's always an honor to WOD for a Hero. I even did it without music. I know it doesn't seem like much, but to a small, wimpy human like me, it was a huge sacrifice. I could have used some serious tunage today; more than any other day. The 600m runs were in 90+ degree heat with the sun pounding down, the thrusters felt more like small blue whales up than only the 35# dumb bells I had in each hand, and the weighted pull ups were incredibly challenging, even scaled to 20 pounds. There was no kipping happening here, those were strict, b*tches.

I Rx'ed the WOD for the most part. I scaled it to 6 rounds and used the Women's prescribed weight on all the movements except the weighted pull-ups, instead I used 20 pounds.

Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

Let's see how my body likes them apples in the morning.

I was rocking a new shirt that I got from the Crossfit Hope event thrown by Crossfit 254. One of their coaches started a little clothing line, a spin off of SicFit he's coined HicFit. I love the motto, "23/1" ... 23 hours a day you can be lazy as fugg, but that one hour a day you're at the box, you need to GIVE IT YOUR ALL.

Sweetest snack of the day: a mountain of sliced oranges. 
On a hot day they just hit. the. spot.

Help! I need memorization tips and tactics. For learning things like anatomical structures and such. Any ideas?


  1. Anagrams!! Or a song :)

  2. flash cards really helped me. We also used an anatomy coloring book to make the different muscles on certain parts stand out so they were easier to remember- you should be able to find one at barnes and noble. Besides, learning is way more fun with crayolas on hand :) Also, I think it's awesome you did Crossfit for Hope. St. Jude is my sorority's philanthropy so it really meant a lot to see your participation for such an amazing cause. You go girl!

    1. I've seen the anatomy coloring books at the bookstore, I might have to go scoop them up. ;) It really was an awesome event and a very moving cause!

  3. Interactive apps for your phone or iPad. Great visuals, quizzes, etc and can practice anytime and anywhere.

    1. Why didn't I think of that! Ah, awesome idea!

  4. To all who read this blog, I've had the honor of training with Courtney a few times and she is quite modest. Courtneys love for fitness and crossfit is viral, she has the ability to energize the entire room with her presence alone. She is a true athlete.

  5. To Courtney's trainer - so sweet of you to leave her some love!

    Courtney - I am so impressed with your hero WOD. Now that I have some CF knowledge and I'm actually attempting these moves, I have a TON of respect for your accomplishment. You should be proud of yourself. Well done. One of these days I'll get past the rookie aches and pains and actually be able to Rx something! :) When you move, you have an open invite to my CF gym any time!

    1. Isn't that so sweet?! I still don't know who commented, and I'm too nervous to ask around too much. I don't talk about the blog much in the real world. ;)

      Keep up the good work! I must still be a rookie because I still have aches and pains!

  6. I am in anatomy physiology and med term and the only way I keep my A's is flash cards and anagrams! I'm telling you flash cards are the way to go!