Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blasting Those Pecs

Finally, a rest day. Let's see what hurts.

Calves (from Tuesday's sprint intervals)
Hamstrings (200 walking lunges from Tuesday)
Glutes (from 150 squats + lunges)
Abs (from Sunday's GHD sit ups, Monday's metcon, Tuesday's 200+ flutter kicks and sit ups)
Shoulders (from AMRAP ring dips Sunday and ring dips from yesterday's metcon)

So, conclusively, let's just say I'm all ate up.

Time to break out the foam roller! Speaking of rolling, we need a new one. The one we have is too soft and too short, I can fit about half of a toe on it. What kind of roller do you have and do you recommend? These look fancy.

The Husband comes home tomorrow! I can't believe he's been gone for more than 5 weeks. Time flies when you're staying busy taking pictures of yourself.

I did a bench press for the first time in my life yesterday. There's all kinds of strength specific work in our new programming, but this one threw me. I favor the metcon side of Crossfit and the Olympic lifts. I am not into the traditional lifts: back squat, deadlift, etc., but I totally dig the bench press! It's kinda hardcore for us females, right? I don't think we're known for our big pectorals, so it's challenging.

We worked up to a heavy 3x5. Not much 3 by anything happening, it took me a bit until I started failing on reps, all the way up to 105, which I did 4 reps of.

Here's what the whole training day looked like.
HBBS: High bar back squats (I have to go light on these because of my sciatica, heavy squats KILL me.) DL: Deadlifts  (I am also still going pretty light on these since hurting my back lifting 245 (and sciatica). CGBP: Close grip bench press

This fancy calculator computes what your 1RM would be, based on what you've lifted. Enter the weight and the reps. Looks like my 1 rep max on the bench press is about 118. Sounds about right, that's my body weight (roughly, very roughly). 

I have mixed feeling so far on this new training we're following. It seems like someone is paying a lot of money to follow a pretty generic 3x5 lifting program ... Just saying.

Elliott is off to the groomers this morning! Someone is getting their shit shaved off summer hair cut!

He thinks he can hide ... 


  1. We bought one of those roller sticks and my husband loves it for his post work outs and heavy PT sessions! We also have a regular foam roller which I think sucks.

  2. just go to lowe's and buy some pvc pipe! it's cheap, lasts forever, and will definitely mash your muscles!

  3. I've been told by the physio that I need to start foam rolling regularly because I've been having issues with my knees, I'm just wondering how long you would foam roll for a day? I haaaate it but I know it's good for me :/