Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What are YOU training for?

Today's WOD was awesome!

30 minute cap: 


Handstand Pushups
Kettlebell swings
Box Jumps

Time: 24:59

Miranda is my hero.

This WOD was awesome because I did the handstand pushups as prescribed, and because I upped the ante on the other two movements. We didn't have a 1 pood bell, so I used the 1.5 (53 pound) bell. We also don't have 20" boxes, we have 18" or 24", so I used a 24".

Now, if I could just work on getting that kip, I'd be set.

We also did a 5-5-3-3-2-2 of Back Squats beforehand. Because of the precarious health of my back, I didn't want to push it. I easily made it up to 145 and called it a good warm up for the WOD.

I took my sweet ass time stretching and foam rolling afterwards (and I feel surprisingly sprite tonight!).

We headed to breakfast in our stinky, sweaty garb, no shame, to have Paleo-licious breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We did remember to at least wash the gym floor junk off of our hands. :)

3 eggs over easy, 2 turkey sausage patties and 2 slices of bacon, kept me full for hours. 

Long enough to head into Sally's to pick up another pot of Manic Panic for my dip-dyed ends, and to peruse Target for some bangin' deals.

I went into Target for some toothpaste. How does this happen? *Facepalm.*

Dinner was easy-peasy and yep, Paleo.

It might have ended with a spoonful of the heavenly contents below, and a bar square of dark chocolate for dessert. Hey, I deserved it, it took me an hour and one sore arm later to stir this damn jar! Yeah, I'll do hand stand push ups all day, but ask me to stir a jar of nut butter, and I start whining. 

Just in case you're like me, here are two solutions to make stirring a little less messy and cumbersome. 
Solution One and Solution Two. And as gross as my husband thinks it is, nut butters really do need to be stored in the fridge. Unless you eat delicious crappy Jif or Peter Pan brands. Natural nut butters I always put it in the fridge, regardless. Unless it's Sunbutter. I eat that so fast it doesn't have a chance to make it to the fridge. 

Off to bed, a banging day of sweat tomorrow. I'll leave you with a funny. :)


  1. You amaze me! Can I be you? :)

    I bought those same flats at Target last week (my first pair of flats ever) - they are so cute.

    Have a great night!

    1. Everything I bought was on sale, these flats were too cute for 12 bucks!

  2. i just saw that nut butter at Target also and i was so tempted to buy it. Target those offer some great deals and good merchandise. Have a good day tomorrow..

  3. just found your blog but I am loving it! You are such an inspiration!!