Thursday, May 10, 2012

Warning: Full-Frontal Whining

I'm sick.

Not like cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle, but like body ache, chills, headache, fever, cold sweats kind of sick.

I couldn't sleep for shizz last night. I was too hot, then too cold, my pillow was too hard, then too soft. The dog was all underfoot, the sheets were strangling me. I haven't slept well since the husband left, to be honest. So I think it's a combination of sickness and lack of sleep that left me feeling like I'd been run over my a bulldozer this morning.

I barely had energy to crawl into the kitchen to make coffee, then I just crawled back into bed and tried to fall back asleep to no avail.

So, I'm sick, tired, AND my back is killing me today. 

I'm a royal mess.

I didn't have much of an appetite this morning. A warm bowl of oatmeal sounded like Heaven, but I knew it was off limits (damn this Paleo diet). So, I tried my hand at Coconut Pancakes. They were disgusting and dry, and I was too tired to try again, so I wound up with a plate of fruit, a (large) tablespoon of nut butter, a fried egg, and some crispy bacon.

That was my last egg, too. :( Poor me.

Speaking of fried eggs, they've kind of become my new favorite thing. The yolk acts like butter, making everything a smooth, creamy, rich, delicious mess. Like last night's blackened salmon.

The combination of lemony salmon and the creamy yolk just about sent me to Heaven!

I think when we're ill, it's our body telling us we just need to calm the frack down and maybe take a rest. I've been hitting the WOD's pretty hard for a while, I think this is my body's way of saying EFF YOU. 

Swinging the 53# bell, and below, kipping pull ups that resulted in re-ripping my palm. Fabulous.

Some photos from yesterday's WOD.

I got 75 of them unbroken. I really need a better rope!

And I know you love those pants, so here's a close up.

I am friggen IN LOVE with them! Almost $60 a pop though, yikes. If they had them in other colors I would go snatch them up in a heart beat, after selling a kidney, but I can only find them in this scary green tie-dye pattern that I think only 5 year olds can get away with. Though I don't know, it keeps crossing my mind to snag them anyways, because they're just THAT damn comfortable. 

Icing after yesterday's spin class, WOD, and 175 stair climbs.

I'm wearing this same belt thing at the moment, it's holding an ice-pack to my back, so that I can still move around. Sadly, when it's time to heat, I do have to sit down or lay on my heating pad. :( That sucker is attached to the wall.

I'll leave you with a photo from Monday I believe, hang power snatches at 60 pounds. I uploaded a video for some people to critique, and apparently I'm not opening my hips enough. For my first time ever attempting them, I didn't think it was too bad, honestly.

I'm sure I'll be up and about by tomorrow and back to my normal, perky self.


  1. It must be something in the air because i also have been dealing with a little sickness since last thursday and i not feeling well enough to train. i feel horrible when i don't workout. now im just been dealing with sinus issue. I hope you feel better soon too and just please be careful with your back. food looks yummy..

    1. " i have not been"

    2. I am really stretching, foam rolling and staying mobile to help with my back, and strengthening the muscles around it. :) I hope you're feeling better, too!

    3. Thank you Courtney, I am feeling better and so glad i was able to workout a little today. have a good sunday.

  2. Hi Courtney,

    I just wanted to say hi, I just found your blog yesterday from Paleomg's pinterest page and I love it! I spent all afternoon reading every single post, I love your photos, your food looks amazing!

    Hope you're feeling better soon, take care of yourself and thanks for sharing your life with us.

    1. Aww, thank you! :) I am feeling much better, thank goodness!

  3. Awwww....I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I did the same thing as Emma, loved reading your whole blog! You seem pretty badass haha! Glad to hear you're feeling better and look forward to reading more posts.
    Ps the pic with the salmon and egg is beautiful..looks soo delicious

  5. HI COURTNEY, i hope you are feeling better since we have not heard from you!

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