Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Hoff Burger

There is such a thing as too much fun. 

Turning 7 years old and celebrating Chuck E Cheese style = perfect amount of fun. 

Trying way too many Jello shots for your first time at Summer Fun with the ladies = Too much rum fun.

It's a really good thing I have this guy to keep me company, because today has been miserable.

You'd think I was a high school senior doing keg stands and beer bongs with this hangover hell I'm in.  I'm just too old for this shizz. Or I'm the only dummy who doesn't eat anything all day except a salad and a slice of birthday cake (from the party). No wonder it hit me so hard.

And I was the one with the brilliant idea to make Jello shots, as it was a BYOB event. They just look so innocent. I've heard the horror stories .... that I must have forgotten them as I started throwing them back like they were going out of style. Leave it to me to put almost a shot of liquor in each one. I don't think I'll be following that recipe any time soon. In fact, I've sworn off alcohol forever. Or at least for the next 30 days.

Most people kick off Memorial Day weekend with heavy drinking, BBQ's, etc. I'll be sweating heavy instead, and raising a glass (of water). 

I'm excited to see how much money I'll save, how much more sleep I'll get, and of course, how it will affect my training. I'm afraid I've turned into quite the lush. My poor liver.

We did stop for Whataburger on our way home (I was having a Hoff burger). I'd never been to Whataburger, but the Kids Justaburger I had was really good, and at just 290 calories, pretty guilt-free. Unlike all of that damn Jello.

Funniest photo of the night: the boot sandal! Like the mullet for your foot.

How are you celebrating this weekend? 
I do hope that you will take a moment tomorrow to remember our heroes. It's frustrating that such a momentous day is sandwiched onto a 3-day weekend full of BBQing and drinking, but if you're throwing back a cold one, take a moment to send up a prayer for our fallen soldiers, too. 

Thank you to the men and women who put on the uniform every day. To those who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their life. To the families who lost their son, daughter, husband, father. You are not forgotten. I'm honored and proud to call myself an American! Honor them this Memorial Day!


  1. OMG I don't like Wataburger AT ALL. It always disapoints be with stale buns and bad service. Do you know something I don't? Why do Texans love that place? I want to go all Hoff on a good burger

    1. You have to have a Whataburger from one out of its hometown! Whataburgers are the bomb in Corpus Christi; however, I've been very disappointed with the ones we've gotten in other places.

    2. That's not too far from here, I didn't know that was the Flagship store!

    3. Yep! The original store was here (and, it's still standing!) and there's one on just about every corner; well, slight exaggeration but not by much. :) I actually live in a small town just outside of CC but it's all the same. They're good when you get them from this area; however, I have had them in other places and they're just not quite the same. Maybe it's in my head! LOL

  2. I am sorry, I ate it in like .358 seconds, I was so hungry and well, pretty damn drunk. ;) I will try it again and maybe do a real taste test this time, sober.

  3. You look so cute in your bathing suit and its great that you have your friends to hang out with and keep your mind at ease during this time. i hope you feel better.

  4. Thanks for the post, you always manage to cheer me up, also one is never too old to get ridicioulusly drunk every now and then :)

  5. hello from your newest follower :) the boot sandal is sooo ridiculous!