Friday, May 25, 2012

Hero WOD 'Murph' & New Kicks

Happy Friday!
My week has been filled with good eats, 

great workouts,

and some new super, sweet kicks. 

I found a rip in my beloved New Balance Minimus, and realized I've had them for almost a year. They've seen hundreds and hundreds of WOD's, but I'm still not ready to fully retire them (it's amazing what a needle and thread can salvage), I just love my Minimus. But, I wanted to see what else was out there in the Crossfit shoe world.

I did a lot of research. I was looking for something with a barefoot feel (minimal heel drop) and very lightweight (less than 7 oz.) 

I was hesitant to order an expensive shoe, too, because our clothes just get trashed during the WOD. From getting down and dirty on the floor during burpees, to scraping up tights during box jumps, to getting blood from hand rips on light colored shirts, stuff just does not last. I have to be able to throw my shoes in the dishwasher without fearing that I'll be wrecking them. 

Yes, I wash my shoes in the dishwasher, after I learned that the washing machine never leave shoes quite the same ... My Nike Free's make odd squeaking noises now when I walk in them. Cute.

The Saucony Bullet's are amazing (and pretty damn adorable.)

They're on sale right now for just $39.99 at Zappos!

I do wear mine with socks, but they could easily be worn without. There is no need to tie them, they're more like a slip-on. They fit like a glove! They feel so good. They are so breathable and lightweight, I forget I'm wearing a shoe while I'm working out. They weigh a whopping 6 ounces. 

So far I've knocked out Grace, Helen and The Fighters Challenge (birthday WOD above on the Whiteboard) while wearing them and it's 5-stars all-around. Flexible. Lightweight. Minimal. Grippy. Running. Lifting. Double Unders. Name it, these shoes make it happen.

And they're only 40 bucks, so when they're thrashed, I don't feel bad tossing them .... (Though I have a weird sentimental bond with all of my shoes. I still own my first pair of running shoes. I've tried to donate them, but they somehow wind up back in my closet and settle at the bottom of my shoe bin. I smile when I look at them, every time. Good memories.)

I only have amazing things to say about the Merell's, too. The Barefoot Pace Gloves are lightweight, flexible and have a great insert that hugs my high arch that I missed while wearing my Minimus, but that can be removed if you're not into it (aka have duck feet.)

I have pretty wide feet, so I really love the girth of these shoes. They have a nice, roomy toe box that leaves my toesies room to dance. Or whatever it is they do down there. 

I have no problem running shorter distances in these minimal-type shoes. If you are a runner though, and are used to mattresses on the bottom of your feet, you can't just jump into a shoe like this. Ease into it. I had a good 3 month break-in period before my calves stopped needing constant foam-rolling. I now switch between these incredibly minimal shoes and my Nike Frees, for those 5k's, 10k's and more running-specific workouts ... like 'Murph'. 

For Memorial Day Weekend, we honored a fallen hero.

There was a group of us, but just the two of us were crazy enough to Rx the WOD and do it in weighted vests. I finished in 1:03:14. God Speed, Lt. Murph.

I popped the water blister forming on my right hand a few hours after this photo was taken. Sweet, huh? 

Taking a shower or putting on lotion has never felt so wretched ... 
Rest day tomorrow.



  1. Just found your blog, I will be following! Lots of good stuff on here :)
    Follow me at <3

    1. Happy you like it, thanks for stopping by! (P.S. I think you wanted that link to be at .com?)

  2. You are amazing. Love all your runners!!

  3. All that food looks delish! And yay for new shoes! Girl you are hard core! Foam rolling is my best friend!

    1. I think I would die without my foam roller. Or my muscles would just shrivel up into a big, dry heap.

  4. Im glad you are doing good and training. where you doing sumo squats in that picture? your eats look yummy and i like the sunglasses. Have a great weekend.

  5. totally diggin' the new shoes!!! bright shoes just make the idea of working out more fun!

  6. OMG Beast! I cant believe you did that in a vest! What was your set strategy? Did you break it up? Im doing Murph on Monday and can't see my after pic.
    I said goodbye to my Ghost 3's after my marathon. I haven't tossed them yet because I still love them so much!

    1. Haha, happy I'm not the only sneaker sentimentalist. ;) I wanted to finish in under an hour. I almost did, 1 hour and 3 minutes. I really wanted to bang through the pull ups because I knew they'd be the slowest going. I ended up doing them in sets of 2 and 3. Kipping in that vest was wretched. I should have kept the throat collar on, oh well. And I de-loaded it, our coach told us 20# was for men and #15 was for women. I thought that was kinda silly, the point was to honor a fallen soldier, and female soldiers wear just as much weight in their IBA's as the males!

  7. that was a size NINE), fit fairly true, as I prefer a slighly tighter feel for racing. Best shoes for crossfit

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