Monday, May 21, 2012

Floatin' the Guadalupe

I didn't fall off the face of the Earth, though I may have floated away on the Guadalupe River!

I had an awesome weekend with my favorite ladies!

We piled into the Raptor and cruised south about 2 hours. We packed up snacks, drinks, and water guns. :) We rented our tubes from Tube Hauus, (for more info, click here), 6 tubes with our military discount was about $75. We floated for over 6 hours! We started at 11, and meandered a few miles down until we hit out Exit point, at about 5:30. The Tube Haaus van came and picked us up and we drove into Austin for some dinner. 

All of that liquor and sunshine had us a little cray-cray. Thank goodness one of us doesn't drink. She managed to wrangle our wet asses together ...

Dinner was AMAZING. I have been dying to check out Stubb's BBQ in Austin since we moved to Central Texas! This place is famous for the BBQ and the music! Willy Nelson was there last weekend. (More info here.)

I had a house salad and added their infamous smoked brisket. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, YUM!

Not pictured is the EPIC bowl of fresh peach cobbler I also inhaled like a monster enjoyed.

We made it home before 9, and I crashed hard. I did make it to the gym Sunday for a brutal WOD. Nothing like sweating out a day's worth of sunshine and boozin' in the gym. :)


I got my spin on this morning, knocked out a brutal WOD full of my goats: toes to bar and overhead squats, did some shopping, and finally made it in to my Physical Therapist for my initial eval. 

My physical therapist thinks my issues are indicitive of  sciatica. He gave me a piece of paper with four movements on it to practice, some press ups, leg extensions, etc. He also said no sitting and no forward bending. 

So, no biking, no lifting, no driving the car, no sitting on the couch ... 

REALLY, dude?

The high light of my visit was him telling me I have the strongest transverse abdominus he's ever seen. I never knew how to flex my tranverse, until he showed me to place my fingers right on the inside of my hip bones and cough, those muscles that flex are the TVA.  They're incredibly important as they stabilize the entire core and the low back (read more here). It is one of the main stabilizing muscles of the lumbar spine. 

I'm looking at the workout sheet he gave me, and I'm wondering how these silly press-ups are going to help me?

But, I am trying to stay optimistic ... with another Captain and Diet Coke.

New shoes for Crossfit. I love my New Balance Minimus, but I couldn't resist this bright orange! I have heard really good things about the Merrell Pace Glove, and they feel amazing. They have more arch support, but I feel like even less of a heel drop than my Minimus. I'll give them a whirl during tomorrow's WOD, which happens to be Grace ... 

I also picked up a new Fossil crossbody, so adorbs, some Roxy sandals, and some Cetaphil Face wash and lotion. I can't live without this stuff. It is the only wash and lotion I use that don't make me break out! Hiding under the purse is the worlds greatest mascara - Covergirl Lash Length in waterproof Black. Gym proof!

I loved the oranges on the purse. I imagine that they're peaches though, because we know that we're going to Georgia! James will be working with the Atlanta-area Recruiting Batallion. We don't have our exact orders yet, but we're hoping for Athens, GA and Chatanooga, TN! 

Off to finish this delicious feast ... 

Spring rolls

If you were in the Army and they were sending you anywhere in the country, what would your top pick be?


  1. Your tubing day with your girl friends looked like so much fun! I wish the weather here was nice enough for that, but not for at least another 1.5 months.

    If I had to move to the States and the army was sending me somewhere, I would love anywhere in the south

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I love floating the Quadalupe! I'm so jealous!

    1. Floating is the freaking BEST! We're planning another trip in a few weeks!

  3. wow, great weekend you had with your friends. i love spring rolls also and i usually buy maybelline mascara but i will buy the one you buy to try it out.

    1. If you need a mascara to wear to the gym, that stuff in Waterproof is amazing!

  4. So i only stumbled across your blog via pinterest, and it was so bizarre that the first thing on your screen is floatin the guadlaupe. I work at a summer camp that is right off the guad and I was floatin in it just today! Small world, great blog, and sorry for the random comment! Haha.

  5. Tubing down the Guadalupe was my favorite thing after Basic Training... My other favorite should have been wearing sunscreen, lesson learned!