Sunday, May 6, 2012

An Army Update

Tomorrow is Monday! This means a few things for me:

My soldier leaves for school. 

Dear husbands reports to Fort Jackson in South Carolina for Recruiting School. He was DA Selected, meaning the Army told him chose him. This is a career move, and a big one. Recruiting duty can be extremely challenging for marriages and tough on the soldier, but that's a blog post all of its own. We are optimistic.

This means a lot of big changes. One, he will be gone for the next month and half. Second, once he graduates, we will be PCSing, or moving, to our new Duty Station. As a recruiter, James could go anywhere. Any state, any tiny town, any huge city, anywhere. Needs of the Army. Good news is, we'll find out within the first few weeks of school just where our anywhere may be.

Because of the fact that he can go anywhere and no longer has to be assigned to an Army base - and that this could be as long as a 3-year tour - we decided that my joining the Army right now might be bad timing. The job that I'd chosen in the Army would have me serving overseas, in Korea, Japan or Germany. As a recruiter, he would not be able to follow me. This means we would be spending a year+ separated before the Army Married Couples Program could kick in. This was just not something we wanted to risk. Yes, they do have a program for dual-military couples, and the Army does try to keep couples together. But, it's situations like ours would be, where things become challenging.

Jolie Gentry, Crossfit Games 2008, 285# deadlifts

Then, I hurt my back. Rather than kick and scream, I chose to see it as a blessing in disguise. It has slowed me down and helped me realize that being with my husband and not off chasing my own Army career is what's really important. Just because I have chosen not go to Active Duty now, does not mean we are not considering the Reserves or the National Guard once we get settled into our new assignment later this year. Lord knows James will be incredibly busy with Recruiting, and I hope that I will be able to busy myself with school and training.

Instead of sitting around and moping because James is gone, I chose instead to make the most of our time apart by challenging myself in a few ways. I signed up to run a few races, I made some plans with some girlfriends, I signed up for a few classes, and I decided to give the Paleo diet a whirl one more time.

The first time I tried it, I was doing it on my own, while my husband was dousing his blueberry pancakes in syrup, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and eating Ben & Jerry's like it was going out of style. Eating a bag of spinach with an egg for breakfast became, well, challenging next to what seemed like his daily Thanksgiving feast.

The premise of Paleo is pretty simple.

Living Paleo is not so easy. 



  1. I have an Army friend who has pretty much been at a different school for the past 6 months and then deploys to Afghanistan in the fall. Good luck, girl. You'll definitely get through it no problem!

    I have a couple questions about Paleo, do you have an e-mail address? The link on your page didn't work..

  2. We're excited for a new adventure. It's posted on the right hand column under Contact.

  3. Wow it sounds like a lot has changed! How were you able to get out of the Army so easily? I thought after swearing in it is basically a done deal. Where are you guys hoping to move?

  4. Im sorry that your hubby will be away for a little while. i can't wait to see what exactly you will be eating. just to give me an idea because i though about trying paleo. i love eating my egg whites and oatmeal in the morning...

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