Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tramp Stamp

A week of workouts in review:


Rest after the Half Marathon. My knees were a little tender, but otherwise I felt sprite and light! I have to attribute this to learning to become a more efficient runner.


I was confident (or just way too damn hot), enough to whip off my shirt, right out there in my front lawn. Hey, if they wanna stare at the jiggles and rolls, let 'em.


Nike Training Club Advanced "Challenger" workout, 45 minutes. (What a burner!) If you do not have this app yet on your iPhone, I suggest you do so, son. Then, I met with the crew and suffered through these three WODs:




WOD 1: "Tramp Stamp" 50-35-20 wall balls (14#) + situps (12:01)
WOD 2: "Dirty Thirty" Birthday WOD (see below)

Happy Birthday to Kam and Jo, two great women and athletes! We WOD'ed in their honor this morning, and damn, was it a hot and sweaty party!

Yours truly in red, birthday gals in light blue and sweaty purple. :)

No, that is not a face plant. That is a hand stand push up. 

You know me, saving the sexiest (gag) photos for last. Part of the kipping pull up must be eating your neck with your shoulders. Hey you, stop laughing. Can you even do a pull-up? 

Let's talk about this birthday WOD:

20 movements, 30 repetitions each. I loaded up by barbell with 55 pounds, even though prescribed for women was 35 pounds. But, I hate playing with empty bars. It just feels like a waste of my time.

I got to the gym a little early to knock out some skill-specific movements and this little gem.

I still have monkey butt (think rug rash on the top of your butt crack - the result of a lot of fast, hard situps) from Tuesday, so this really added to the Tramp Stamp look. Gosh, I'm such a classy gal.

Tip: Use BodyGlide!

Moving on. I went into Target to get some Tums for my tummy troubles, and came out with all sorts of nonsense, like these.

I wore them out to dinner here:

Another restaurant that the Soldier and I had never been to, but that I found via Google coming home from my Half Marathon.

The food was out of this world! We started with these pork bites (forgot what they were called on the menu, but the apricot dipping sauce that accompanied them I tried to smuggle in my purse and save for later). The menu was divine. A lot of healthy, well-made, local meats, gluten free options, etc. I opted for an avocado half stuffed with chicken salad on a bed of greens.

Someone else likes greens, too. :)

Counting down the days until I leave for Basic Training. 
I leave in less than a month. 
Excited. But nervous about being home-sick ... 


  1. I haven't been able to master the kipping pull up yet. It's on my to do list for this year! That and handstand push ups. I can do the hand stand no problem, but throw in a push up and it screws me up! That restaurant and meal look fabulous!

  2. i like your new shoes! That is a nice picture of the two of you!

  3. love the round-up posts! It's interesting seeing what you do each week.