Thursday, April 5, 2012

Like a Fight Gone Bad

Let the 4-Day Weekend commence! There was some sunbathing to be had this afternoon.

But you know me, party animal up in hurr ... getting to bed by 9:30. I'm meeting the crew for some running, burpees and hill sprints maƱana. Alarm is set for 5:30. So much for weekends.

Tuesday I rested, yesterday was this beast + a 60 min spin class:

And today was this pretty mess. The goblet squats have turned my ass into a jelly, blobby mess of quivery, ripped up musculature. 

I hope tomorrow doesn't end up being too rough, I need my legs for the Half I signed up for happening day after tomorrow, the Chisolm Trail 1/2 and 1/4 Marathon, put on by the Waco Striders. We all know I'm just in it for the t-shirt ... anything sub 2-hours and I'm content. Considering I run once a month, this is kind of a test to see if Crossfit really keeps people in running shape without ever really needing to run, per say. 

With that, I'm off to bed.

I will leave you with some links to a few of the things I mentioned above that may have left readers scratching their heads.

Fight Gone Bad - The hardest workout ever, like a fight gone bad, terribly, terribly bad.


  1. looking great in your swim suit! thank you for the goblet exercise info. have a safe run and weekend!

  2. Saw the race photos on Twitter - sooo pretty!