Monday, April 2, 2012

Goodness Grace!

Oh, it was painful hearing that alarm go off at 4:45 this morning. Painful.

Hi, Monday.

Since I got back from MEPS on Tuesday, I've been sleeping like a damn bear. We are talking 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night. Asleep no later than 10pm (and I was prying my eyes open to even make it that late) and awake by 8am. Please don't tell me this is what my body really needs for sleep. If that's the case, I won't even be getting home from work before I need to go to bed.

This morning's workout was a beaut. I Pr'ed Grace! This is my first time doing the WOD at the Rx'ed weight, and getting it below 6 minutes makes me pretty darn happy. And then of course, I had to work on my snatch form and progression, now that I can finally do them. I'm obsessed. 

I am uber excited about the next month I have before leaving. I think this is going to be the month of the PR! I'm getting stronger by the day, I just can't believe it. Finally. Just in the last four weeks, I've hit almost every WOD Rx'ed, I've started swinging the 1.5 pood (53#) kettle bell, I've mastered the snatch, the rope climb, and I've PR'ed my 5k time.

Breakfast this morning was glorious!

Blackberries, grape tomatoes, sauteed spinach leaves, tomato stuffed with Garden Burger and an over-easy-egg, cooked under the broiler. Recipe inspired by Mark Sisson in the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. 

Are you guys digging the new header? It's only the 17,347 one I made. I'm so indecisive and terribly uncreative. I used Piknic, if you're wondering. No fancy schmancy Photoshop up in hurr. As you can tell, by the sad excuse for design. 

A little peak from yesterday:

The Vineyard at Florence

I'd heard of a Winery not too far from us, in a gorgeous little valley in central Texas. We checked it out for brunch and a little wine tasting. It was amazing! We are just sad that we didn't discover it sooner. Cafe, wine tasting, gorgeous little places to wander and sit and just enjoy a lovely, sunny day. 

P.S. It was the first time for both of us wine tasting. Kind of silly sitting there pretending you know things about "a heavy tannin front" and a "buttery finish." We did snag a bottle of their local chardonnay. My notes after tasting it were "Drink poolside!"

1. What are your fitness goals this month?
I plan on finally getting my toes to bar. They're my new goat.

2. Do you track your workouts? 
Pen and paper? Using an app on your phone?
I have a paper journal from a local affiliate, but I am terrible about writing in it. I also just started writing workouts down on the Notepad of my iPhone, we will see how that works. 

3. Did you get punk'd on April Fools? 
I totally forgot! Lame.


  1. nice picture of the two of you! i like your new header!

  2. I like the new header! I use DailyMile to track everything-- it's definitely geared towards mileage-related sports, but it has spots for Crossfit and everything else now :)

  3. I use DailyMile too. I love it...but yes when I'm not focused on running feel that it is geared towards runners. When I'm in half training it's great...but now that I've backed off and it's telling me I ran 13 miles this week makes me sad. Even though I worked out 6 days this week for an hour or two each time. But it's still nice to look back on what I've done.