Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chisholm Trail Half Marathon

Before I get into the fun of this morning's Half Marathon, let's talk about the fun of yesterday's workout. 

20 x 100 meter hill sprints. No bigs, right? Wrong. 

I know I say this after every workout, but this really was incredibly challenging, mentally and physically. Tearing up that hill over and over and over again ... My quads were screaming, my knees were on fire from the downhills, my back tense from the workout the day before, I was just a mess.

First, we ran from our cars to the hill, a little under 2 miles. After our 2.5 miles of hill sprints, we finished with 20 burpees (see above photo) and the 2 mile run back to our cars. 

And I told myself I was going to take it easy because of the race.

Yeah, right. 

I did manage to do one thing right before the race: carb-load. I ate my weight in bread rolls from Texas Roadhouse last night. I really have issues with gluten though, because the poor gas-cloud following me around for the rest of the evening was just not fair to my husband or the dog that tries to curl up under the blankets with me. (Dutch oven, much?)  

After a night of solid sleep, my alarm rang at 5:20. After 2 cups of coffee and a breakfast bar, I was on the road. I had a 60 minute drive to the race, I entertained myself by listening to the Bobby Bones Show on iHeartRadio.

I picked up my packet pretty easily, but then waited in the longest line to use the bathroom. I made it to the start line not a moment too soon! 

The Chisholm Trail Half Marathon (my 6th half), at Tonkawa Park in Crawford was one of the most stunning races I've ever run. The Texas hillside is absolutely amazing. This is my first year living a true Texas spring (last year we were in a severe drought and nothing bloomed or grew). 

Although it was hilly, and hot, and humid, and I was soaked through by the time I crossed the finish line, the beautiful setting definitely kept a special kind of pep in my step. I just felt blessed to be alive and running amongst so much beauty. 

I was really proud of my splits, too. I maintained 9:15 minute miles for the first 6 miles and then slowly started picking it up, my last mile I finished in the 7 somethings. One of my favorite sayings, "Don't fight to finish first, fight to finish strong." 

And that's just what I did, dripping with sweat and all.

I took first in my division (20-24), with a finishing time of 2:02:02. 

Not a PR by any means, but considering everything: I didn't rest at all this week and I haven't run more than 6 miles in one time in the last 3 months, I'll take it. This finish time to me and the ease of the race (no side aches, no tight shoulders, no sore knees), attests to the conditioning I receive through Crossfit and Spin classes. 

Relaxing after the race, soaking in the sun and the views.

When I got home, I showered but didn't sit down, because I knew I'd lose momentum and turn into a slug on the couch. Showered, threw on some clothes, and headed out to eat. Mexican hit the spot. I had a salad with grilled chicken and for dessert, we split this monster:

Fried Ice Cream, anyone?

And now, I'm officially slugged out on the couch.


  1. nice flowers during the race scenery. the ice cream looks so yummy that you definitely deserve it and are able to afford it since you have such intense workouts! Im so strict with my diet that i try not to eat ice cream but i do treat myself with greek yogurt and almond butter! Happy Easter!

  2. Congrats on 1st place! Is your top Lululemon, it's really cute!

  3. Congratulations on a great race! Looks like it was a beautiful day! Random question- I thought you were heading to basic training? Did your training get pushed back?

  4. Where did you get your top for your half? I loved your quote about finishing strong! Thanks girl

  5. Where did you get your top for your half? I loved your quote about finishing strong! Thanks girl