Saturday, April 21, 2012

5K PR!

I thought the weekends were for sleeping in?

Not around hurr. 6:15 my alarm is sounding off.
17 snoozes later, I barely made it out the door in time to run the Fort Hood I Am Strong 5k. 

Good news, I did make it on time, and I did PR! I'm going to say 22:29. I can't say for sure, because the race wasn't chip timed and there was no running clock. It's good I brought my handy-dandy Garmin, but there is always a little room for error when timing oneself. ;) There were a few hundred people that turned out. The race was sponsored by the BOSS program and the I AM STRONG campaign.

Boss stands for Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers. It's a program that helps single soldier stay involved in the community and gives them opportunities to have fun and volunteer in a safe and supervised  environment.

The I AM STRONG campaign is the Army Sexual Assault Prevention program. "Grounded by our shared belief in the Army Values, we are a band of brothers and sisters, placing mission first, never accepting defeat, never quitting and never leaving a fallen comrade. Our interdependence and shared respect among comrades frames who we are as a Team and an Army - a Team that finds sexual assault reprehensible and beyond toleration. Those who commit assaults hurt a member of our Team and wound our Army. This criminal act is cowardly and damaging to the very moral fiber that gives our Army its innermost strength."

As frustrating as it was to not have my PR officially timed, it was all for a good cause, so I can't get my rundies in too much of a twist. ;)

Apparently I didn't want to smile? Eww. Lime green and purple shoes, nice, Courtney, nice.

Lookin serious as fugg. 
Hand on hip and apple in hand, shizz was about to go down.

(The plastic bag holds my race t-shirt and sweat towel. I know you're dying to see it. Seriously though, seriously, only the first 150 finishers got it. First class status.)

All in all, it was an awesome morning.

I must celebrate with whiskey tonight! 


  1. Congratulations...that's an awesome 5k time!

  2. Awesome and congratulations!

  3. Wow!!! Awesome work lady!!!

  4. Congrats on the PR! You are speedy!

    1. I'm not sure about speedy, but it's a long time coming, my first 5k a few years ago was 27 minutes - yikes!