Friday, March 9, 2012

Change is a'comin!

I apologize for falling of the grid, readers. We went on vacation and I've been consumed with living it up and sucking every ounce of out of life while I can before; shipping to Basic Combat Training. And preparing myself. Push ups, anyone?

Some changes to the blog are coming soon, and a few more posts before I ship. Hooah!

Thanks for sticking by me.



  1. I was a bit worried... your twitter post said you had died and gone to heaven. Atleast you made it to heaven. lol, just kidding. But, I am glad you are back, for a little while anyway. Best of luck to you when you ship out and thanks for everything you and your husband do for all of us! It’s extremely admirable what you both do.

  2. Good luck at Basic Combat training. I hope you did your push-ups. My daughter is at Navy OCS and it sounds like push-ups and running are a daily thing.

  3. Good luck! Thanks for everything you and your husband do. Can't wait to see your adventures.

  4. Hi Courtney, i also want to thank you and your husband for the service to America and best of luck at Basic training when that time comes up and please be careful! we will miss you once you are gone. It's great that at least you took a vacation. Have a great weekend..

  5. hope we get to keep following your adventures.. do you have internet at boot camp? lol, seems like the answer would be no, but i don't know anything about military :)