Friday, March 30, 2012

Billy is a Beach.

Today's WOD (modified from the original WOD at Crossfit Havoc.)

For time: 100 reps ground to overhead, 95/65
-any method may be used: snatch, clean & jerk, as long as full extension of all joints is reached at the top of each rep.
-you may use multiple methods of getting the bar overhead within the workout. Example: 25 power snatches, 50 power clean and push press, 25 clean and split jerk.
-every 4th minute, run 400 meters

After a good warmup, my workout went like this:

I loaded up my bar to 65# and started my timer. In the first 4 minutes, I got 25 snatches in, then had to hit my 400m run. That took me 60 seconds, so I only had 3 minutes left to get the bar up and down. I got 15 in this time before the 4 minute mark again, 400m run. Slower this time, I only had 2.5 minutes ... and so on.

It was a little slower-going than I thought it would be, but I was still impressed with my snatch output. I snatched a good 55 times before switching to the clean and jerk. And to think, last week I couldn't snatch at all.

I wrote in chalk on the gym floor the minutes: 4 - 8 - 12 - 16 - 20 - 24 - 28. When my timer hit those numbers, it was time to put down my bar and run.

The runs started seriously sucking! On my 6th 400m run, I was at 85 reps. Only 15 left I thought, as I ran back inside the gym. I was running a little slower at this point, all of those snatches catching up to me, but was so determined to finish before I had to run another 400m.

When I got back inside, I had a little more than a minute. That bar was looking so big and so heavy! But another run looked even worse than 15 reps, so I toughed it out, with only 3 seconds to spare. ;)


The End.

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