Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I Listen to When I'm Working Out

Workout: Stair-Climber: 60 minutes + Spin Class: 60 minutes

I powered through 300 flights on the stair climber this morning listening to the funniest story on The Moth Podcast! I totally love listening to Podcasts while running, so I thought, why not warm-up to a story or two?

You can download stories on your iPhone, through iTunes, for free. They are all excellent. Some are hilarious. Some heart felt. Some just extremely informative and contemplative. This morning I was gagging from laughing so hard. Yesterday's story had be wiping tears. Check it out. Support the greatest past time: story telling. 

After a couple awesome stories, my cheeks thoroughly sore from laughing so hard, and after enough strange looks from fellow gym goers who probably thought I was totally cray cray, I switched it over to Pandora and my favorite Deadmau 5 station. Talk about badass trance.

After powering through a super-high intensity stair climb for 10 minutes, I cooled down for the last few minutes of the Bobby Bones Show on I Heart Radio. If you love celev gossip and other random kinds of news, this is your show. Music throughout, lots of jokes, awesome content, good people, good stuff.

I use this armband from Belkin. 
I got it for less than $25. I used an old gift card I had from Best Buy.

I love these headphones from Skull Candy ...
and have about 16 different colors.

I love the quality of the bass. Sounds epic. Like concert-style. Plus, they squeeze right into my ear drums and never fall out. And I am sure at the volume I like to rock out to, I will be deaf in the next two years.

Most of the time I stick to various stations on Pandora. But, I also love listening to:

This American Life Podcast from NPR. 
Can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. Once a week they have pretty sweet stories. They can be a little slow, which is why I only like them on long, slow runs. 

The Hubs and I just started listening to this rad little story, the Zombie Podcast. Seriously badass storytelling and sound effects. I feel like a kid in the 1950's, sitting around the radio, listening to the latest story, imaging the story in my head with the sounds and the characters. Perfect for working out. Or cooking. Cleaning. Anything really. I pop it right on the Bose when I'm cleaning house and just get lost in the story.

If you're on your computer, Spotify is also an awesome music engine. You have to pay $10 a month if you want to access it on your phone though. I like the different options within the program, like Radio stations, Apps and What's New in different genres. I disocovered Lana Del Rey a few days ago and obsessed doesn't quite describe how I feel about her. 

Go listen to her song Radio. She's like the gangsta Sinatra. 
I f*cking love her.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a bottle of Merlot to drink.

And a Marathon to contemplate signing up for. Thanks for all of your awesome words of encouragement in regards to whether or not I am fit to run Austin! 


  1. I love hearing what other people listen to when working out. I get bored so quickly and am always looking for something new. Can't wait to check the Moth podcast. Thanks!

  2. Skull Candy headphones are great!

    BTW, I tagged you for the 11 Random Things. Don't feel obligated to do it.

    Good luck if you run! I'm sure you can do it!

  3. I found your blog since you started following me on Twitter but really it should have been me following you first because you're a crossfit queen! You are in amazing shape! Crossfit kills me but if it will help me look half as good as you I will give it another go.