Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wake Up Winning!

Workout: Treadmill, 6 miles, 50 minutes.

I'm kind of a silly-poo. I read all of these inspirational pieces last night on why one should want to wake up early, and then I fell back asleep this morning after waking up at 4:45.

Alarm - 4:45am.
Snooze for 10 minutes.
4:55am: Coffee, news, get dressed, to my business.
5:10am: Sit down, drink coffee ... fall asleep. 
6:45 - Wake up to Morning Express looping its news feed. $&@! I'd fallen asleep sitting totally vertical. Coffee still comfortable, though cold, in my lap. For over an hour. REALLY, Courtney?

I'm still counting this as a wake-up win. I just took a nap, very early today. Mmkay?

I did finally make it to the gym to run. 6 miles in 50 minutes. I was damn proud of my 8:30 min/miles.

A shower was in order afterwards. And another cup of coffee.

Today was kinda special because I had an appointment in Georgetown to see my dermatologist (just for the cool adult acne thing), and hit up Ikea beforehand. We're kind of that boring, old couple that never gets out much, so escaping the confines of post and Killeen is, well, miraculous, when it does happen.

I have to remember how to behave myself when people are around. I started eating the cake first, then realized, um, poached tilapia and veggies were the first course. But then I realized I'm a big girl adult.  And I said fugg it. And I ate every bit of that chocolate mousse cake in bliss, as the veggies and fish waited patiently. 

I managed to cram a few Ikea bags full of fun stuff before leaving; my full, happy belly in tow.

Appointment was a success. My doctor has this gorgeous, long hair that always makes me a little jealous, but I feel we're on the path to clear, happy skin, so his hair is bearable. 

I stopped at BJ's for some linner. Lunch/dinner? The husband wanted something to-go, and I wanted a beer.

Nothing quite like Arrogant Bastard Ale on draft. Sigh. Perfection to the palette. 

Pizza for the solider. I made it a little better for him and upgraded to whole wheat crust. Amazing wife, right?



  1. you have beautiful skin!

  2. Your skin looks flawless tho?! I battle the adult acne too--boo! never a prob in HS! Fab run!!

  3. Whenever I plan on waking up early Ican never get out of bad. Looks like the day was still super productive! I think that is all that counts.