Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tag, Beaches!

I was tagged by Happy Fit Mama for the 11 Things Post. 
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11 Random Petite Athleat Things
1. The longest I've run is 15 miles. Running is freeing, yet daunting and time consuming.
2. When I first started college, I wanted to be a nurse. Thanks, Grey's Anatomy.
3. I have an Associate Degree. And haven't been able to finish my BA because of being a military spouse. And now because I'm joining the military, it is something that has to be put off. I knew we wouldn't be here long enough for me to finish my degree, and I haven't been able to find a college I like that offers a non-traditional online degree. Though, I do plan on continuing it while I'm enlisted and Active Duty. I have been doing a lot of research on online BA's. Oregon State has one I like. And I just discovered that USC has a Master's program catered specifically to Psychology within the Military: family functioning, issues that arise within military family, among couples, PTSD, deployments.
4.  I want to be a counselor when I grow up. I'd like to work with soldiers who suffer from PTSD.
5.  I have one tattoo. 'Untie the Ribbon' has been tattooed on my left forearm. It is my running mantra. It was all I thought about while running my first half marathon. Trying to find the beauty in the pain, the beauty in just being alive enough to survive 13 miles. ;) 
6.  My family had a house in Las Salinas, Mexico while I was growing up. I have really amazing memories playing on the beach, running through the sand, and sleeping out under the stars at night with my dad and brother. 
7. I own a road bike. And have ridden it once. For 5 minutes. Then I fell of because I can't figure out how to unclip from my damn pedals. I hate them.
8. My mom passed away when I was 9. Her cause of death was Hepatitis C. She slipped into a coma for a week, then passed. She went from being my up-beat and happy, go lucky mom, sweeping the house and helping us make pillow forts, to laying on the couch feeling sick, to being in the hospital, to then, not coming home. My dad didn't tell us for over a week. 
9. My first job was at a Nursery. The summer of my 8th grade year, I slaved away in Greenhouses planting tiny little trees with a small group of my friends. We made a ton of money, and with the thousands I saved, I was able to buy my first car when I turned 15 1/2, a red 1995 VW Jetta, 5 speed with a sunroof. 
10. Greatest family vacation was the summer of my freshman year, we went to Disney World in Florida for a week. And even though I grew up in southern California, I've only been to Disney Land once, when I was 2.
11. I have a love/hate relationship with my muscles. Some days I just want to be small and tiny like a Victoria's Secret Model. Some days I want to dead lift twice my body weight. Some days I want to look sweet and feminine in a nighty. Not all strong and muscled. 
11 Random Questions for me to answer:
1. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate. The darker, the better. 
2. Aisle or window seat? Aisle. I like to stick my leg out and have access to the bathroom. 
3. What’s your favorite way to workout? I'd take weights and Crossfit over cardio anyday. Cardio machines are so boring. 
4. What is your dream job? I would love to be a photo journalist. And to work with soldiers and military families as a counselor. 
5. If you could run/workout with any celebrity, who would it be? Jessica Beil or Sean Johnson or Kara Goucher. 
6. Which do you prefer – ocean, lake, river, or desert? Ocean then lake. I grew up along the beach, the ocean is a part of me.
7. Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? Trader Joes. Whole Foods is kind of yuppie for me. 
8. Mountains or beach vacation? Beach. Though I love to snowboard and hang out around fireplaces, so this is a tough call.
9. Did you play any sports in high school? Volleyball and Soccer. 
10. Do you play any musical instruments? I played Flute in Junior High. 
11. What’s your favorite snack? Deep Chocolate Vita Tops or just a spoon and some Sun Butter. 
Now, go ahead and pick 11 of your favorite questions that I answered here, or make up your own. 
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Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about fancy old me. 


  1. Thanks for the tag, Courtney! But I already did this particulary survey. :) I'm impressed with the 15 miles! The most I've ever done is 13.1 (for a half-marathon, obviously!). I'm hoping to do a full marathon some day ... but not anytime soon!! :)

  2. Fun that you played along as I was able to learn more about you! I think you should be proud of your muscles! You are strong girl and be proud of that. Lots of girls would love to have muscles like included

  3. fun facts! i've been struggling with my marathon plans lately cause i am finding the long runs too time consuming and just not fun right now. :) my mom passed away when i was 13, so i can relate!

  4. Thanks for the tag girl! I complete my questions earlier, but love learning more about you!! I admire you as a military wife--so strong!