Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slap Your Brains Out

I'm into my 2nd cup of coffee (Pumpkin Spice!) and just finished breakfast.

Your tongue is gonna wanna slap your brains out. That's how good this breakfast is. 

I call it a melon bowl.
Cereal bowls are so 2010, people.

Half your melon, scoop out the seeds, cram it full of whatever your heart desires. I made oats and egg whites and topped it with Sunbutter (all Hail) and walnuts. It helps if you score your melon first. It's an awesome blend of flavors: salty oats, creamy Sunbutter, juicy cantaloupe, all in one bite. 

Wait, I lied.

This Chocolate Fudge Cake from Cheddar's is going to make your tongue slap your brains out it is so good. SO FREAKING GOOD. 

I'm salivating. There goes my keyboard. 

We went out to dinner &a  movie last night. The Woman in Black (scary as fugg!) and dinner at Cheddar's. I ordered an appetizer for dinner (edamame) so that I could fight over share that chocolate monstrosity with my husband, with the least amount of guilt.

It was bad enough I'd already eaten my weight in these for lunch.

Oh how I love me some balls.

Some Red Velvet Cake Balls that is. I made these for James to take into work, but a few of them ended up at home. Don't worry, they're gone now. I like to pretend they're healthy, because instead of using eggs and oil, I used applesauce and egg whites. 

Yesterday's breakfast. Cottage cheese + eggs over easy + sauteed spinach. 

Do you love my new kicks? Minimalism at its finest. 
A little more cush than my Minimus, 
but way less cush than my Asics. 

Running in these is like running with mini-mattresses strapped to your feet. And I like to feel the road a little more on shorter runs. 

But my Minimus allow me to feel so much road, I feel barefoot. And feel every single rock.

The Nike Free's are the perfect mix. I feel the road, but feel the cush right where I need it.

I ran 6 miles on the treadmill. And now my calves are sore. The run turned into a tempo/sprint drill at the end. I was practicing my Pose method. Which stresses the calves more, but picking up the speed really does, too. Dur.

My treadmill MPH per Mile:

Mile 0: 6.0
Mile 1: 6.5
Mile 2: 7.0
Mile 3: 6.0
Mile 4: 8.0
Mile 5: 9.0 (6:40 m/m mile!)

If you're wondering how your speed converts to minutes per mile, check out this conversion chart here from Fit Sugar.

I foam rolled, did some GHD-Situps, back extensions, pull-ups and headed to Spin Class for an hour. 

After spin, we did:

500 flutter kicks and 3 rounds of:

5 ground-to-overhead (20# dumb bells)
10 hand-stand push ups
15 burpees


P.S. I have a purse problem.

Got this pretty little number. It was on sale. So, totally justifiable, right?