Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Day

The Soldier and I went to an incredible dinner last night on Lake Belton at Dead Fish Grill. I promise, the food was more appetizing than it seems. The dead fish was quite scrumptious. :)

I wore my new favorite red dress from O'Neill that I ordered from Dog Funk. It's now on sale, it wasn't when I bought it. Bummer! It has a gorgeous open back that I find teasing and sexy. 

Before heading out to the restaurant, the Soldier and Elliot presented a beautiful bouquet of my favorite; orange lilies and red roses. I even got a few balloons. I thought Elliot running to me and presenting a single red rose was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen though. Gee, I love my boys. :) 

The Solider had a delicious and buttery, soft order of Swordfish. 

I had a Garden Salad topped with fresh, grilled salmon and a side of ginger dressing that I dipped, and did not drizzle. ;)

The Vanilla Almond Creme BruleĆ© just about knocked my socks off. If I'd been wearing them ... 

We enjoyed the rest of our evening finishing our bottle of Merlot, enjoying the crackling fire, and watching the sun set over the lake. 

(I bake everything using wax paper. It saves my pans and makes clean up super easy.)

Want to know how to make these delicious and incredibly simple brownies? Drain a can of black beans. Toss out 1/8th of them. Just a few spoonfulls, don't use them. Blend the beans with a full can of water in your blender. Pour in 1 box of brownie mix (and nothing else, no eggs, oil, etc.) and bake at the same temperature as the box suggests.

Easy, peasy. Healthier, more protein, lighter, and topped with dark chocolate chips and sprinkles? 


I hope you had a fabulous and loved-filled Valentine's Day!


  1. Love your dress. I will have to check that website out. Those brownies sound darn good. My hubby is so picky though, he'd spot the difference!

    1. Mine had NO idea. I think the pink sprinkles totally threw him off regardless though.

  2. you look so pretty with your dress! thanks for the recipe i will try to make those brownies! Im glad you had a lovely evening yesterday.

  3. I have done that before! Good trick! Alot if people don't even know it!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, I did it too. It has this flowly look that hides a full belly. :)

  5. I love that dress! I switch up dessert recipes all the time by adding black beans or garbanzo beans. People never know the difference!

  6. I haven't made the black bean brownies yet but in the oven currently are your amazing KILLER DARK CHOCOLATE BANANA BROWNIES! This is my second batch and they are ridiculously good! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the dress! It's actually way cuter on you than on the website. If I had seen it on the website first, I wouldn't have probably liked it. This may tmi, but did you wear a bra with it? I love open backs but hate the undergarment issue.
    And the brownie trick? That's awesome. I am going to have to sneak that in on my husband because he hates black beans. I love them so much.