Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jack Daniels in Drag

Saturday workout: I wanted to do at least a 6-mile run, but my Achilles was killing me. I got a mile and a half in, and switched over to the elliptical for 45 minutes, then the Step Mill for the last 25 minutes and called it good. That was more than enough time on lame cardio equipment to last me a lifetime.

Today's workout: Sitting on my hiney

On Saturday after my terrible cardio extravaganza, we hit up lunch at an Italian restaurant I've been dying to take James to. This guy could eat Olive Garden bread sticks all day long. Giovanni's is kind of along the lines of Olive Garden.

Even though I prefer Olive Garden food, I do love the atmosphere of Giovanni's. Look at these sweet wine barrels we sat in!

And no, we didn't start with dessert, but damn, it was so good we should have. That was some kind of dark chocolate layered goodness, and I had a cannoli. 

So dirty. So delicious.

We had caprese and baskets and baskets of bread for appetizer. (I should have titled this post "How to Not Eat Healthy.)

And I had a salad full of olives and artichoke hearts. Divine. Dressing on the side, no croutons. Not like it made a difference, I was eating my weight in bread rolls. :)

After an excellent bread-stuffed and wine-filled lunch with my favorite; it was time to get home and get down to busy with my other favorite man: Jack Daniels. 

Oh, he was gonna get dirty.

Like drag queen dirty! Happy Birthday to my fellow mil-spouse Kelly. :) We had drinks in her old-age honor (can you believe she's 34? She has the body of a 16 year old), at Texas Roadhouse.

When our husbands are away, Jack keeps the blues at bay. 

And damn, Jack looks good in jewels.

Today we saw Safe House with Denzel, super good, and have been catching up on the latest of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I just finished Season 5. What a tear jerker. I can't believe George joined the Army. Son looked good in uniform, too bad he died. 

I also have some adorable Valentine's day goodies to hand out tomorrow to my gals. ;) Can't wait to show ya'll what I made tomorrow!


  1. haha!! i love that drag bottle! :) saving that idea for future parties.

    1. I have my Bedazzler cocked and ready, always! Cuz you never know, you never know. ;)

  2. This is one busy movie. I want to see that movie too but my husband heard it was intense. For him that means waiting till it comes out on Netflix. Love the bottle. The one and only time I got really drunk was with Jack.

    1. The movie was really good, but not fancy enough it needs to be seen in theatres. ;)

  3. That's the coolest bottle! You did a great job decorating! I love eating my weight in bread too :) Hold the croutons...bring on the BUNS!!

    1. Right! Why dry, crusty bread when I can opt for soft, buttery, flakey bread?!

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