Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Workout!

Workout: Birthday WOD (see below)

It was a friend's birthday today. So of course, how did she want to celebrate? Getting gross and sweaty. My kind of woman. (We are going out Saturday night, promise. We are ladies, sometimes.)

Time: 23:11

Lookin' all ate up afterwards. I could barely open my eyes, damn allergies.

Cupcake! Caught on camera. Yes, that is frosting on my nose.

Diggin' my desk calendar today. 

I'm trying to decide if I am signing up for the Austin Marathon in like, 14 days? Farthest I've run is 15 miles. It went alright. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to do a brick. Just to see if my heart can take working out for 3 hours. 1 hour run, 1 hour spin, 1 hour run. If all goes well, I think I'll sign up and just do it. (I had to back out of the Cowtown, because that was the only day the Husband could take vacation before I ship off to Basic and he leaves for Recruiting school.)

Anyone else running the Austin Marathon? 
It's 91% full, so I hope tomorrow's workout goes well. And I can jump on that horse!

Look what I made the birthday girl. Light Lemon and Blackberry Tea Cakes. They're not too naughty, so I might post the recipe. But since I just hacked a boxed cake mix, I feel like a cheater cheater fatty eater. Hey, instead of using whole eggs I used egg whites, and instead of oil I used applesauce. Mkay? Could be worse.

Worse like I drizzled them in this fabulous concoction.

Low-cal confectioners sugar. I follow Jamie Eason on The Twitta, and she mentioned it. It's half the calories as regular sugar and lower on the glycemic index. Xylitol, I dig it! So, lemon juice and (wannabe) confectioners sugar. So easy. So nom. 

Do you think I could run a marathon? Without dying?
Longest run I've ever done was 15 miles in about 2.5 hours.


  1. awesome birthday workout. i'm traveling to do the austin race, but only the 1/2, not the full. Prepare for some HILLS!!!

  2. You should give it a shot! I'm running the 1/2 for the first time but I hear this is a great, hilly race!!

  3. Please post that recipe! Sounds delicious. I love the idea of a birthday workout session with friends! And the cupcake at the gym thing seems legit! I dig it.

    I think you should run it if YOU think you can. You're the only one who can decide how hard you can push yourself. Either way, your readers are rooting you on! Go Courtney!

  4. I'd say do it! You are so fit, I think you could handle! I've ran a marathon with little training... it went okay. I finished but not with a great time. My longest training run was 13 miles. I ran the marathon for fun and definitely didn't push myself and listened to my body. Good luck to ya! Sorry to hear about the Cowtown Marathon. And yes, please post your recipe. It looks delish! :)

  5. I say yes, do it! Just walk if you feel the need to. You're strong you can do it!!!

  6. yes you can! you are in great shape.