Monday, February 13, 2012

Bells, Bells, Kettle Bells

Happy Monday! 

I love Monday's, because they're a fresh start. A new beginning. The new week is this big, fat, opportunity, just waiting for us to tackle it.

But I'd be lying if I really tackled the day. I actually had kind of a stomach-bug, so I was house bound. I cleaned, did laundry, prepped some food (made (the above) brownies for the husband to take into work tomorrow and made Jamie Eason's Monster Meatloaf), but most of the day was spent YouTubin'. 

Because I do plan on tackling tomorrow. 
I've become uber obsessed with kettle-bells as of late. Check out this 300 Workout:

I absolutely LOVE all of her workouts. Here's one I will be playing with tomorrow.

All of the Shut Up and Sweat Workouts are also available on YouTube, and damn, they're crazy burners! 

I'll also be working on this over the next few weeks: mastering the Kettlebell Snatch. It's a good thing I have a membership at Gold's, because my bell is a 1 pood (35 pounds), which is pretty hefty to be mastering the Snatch. Gold's has a full range of different sizes. So I can practice the snatch AND the Turkish Get-up.

And the Turkish Get-Up:

No, I will probably start with a shoe. Not a human.

Ah, makes me want to get RKC Certified! But, I won't have time before I leave for Basic Training. 

Some Tuesday Tattoo love for ya'll, lovely readers. :) 

Now, I have some cauliflower and ketchup to go mow down on. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! Do you have someone special in your life? Any plans?

I am grateful for:
1.  Jamie Eason's Monster Meatloaf Recipe
2.  My gorgeous husbands and his deliciously, muscled physique
3. Cuddles with my furchild
4. Sailor Jerry Rum
5. And that finally, the SunButter and Almond butter are all gone! And I will not be re-stocking them anytime soon ... because I have the self-control of a two year old. Mine, mine, mine, more, more, more!


  1. Love me some Kettle bells too! :) I am so doing that 300 tomorrow, thank you! Those brownies also look deadly!

  2. Thank you for this great Kettle bells workout info. well, wishing you a sweet Tuesday.