Monday, February 6, 2012

10 Miler

Workout: 10 miles, 1:30

Aftermath: one hot, sweaty, stinky mess. 

So stinky I didn't even get kisses when I came back inside. 

10 miles fueled by this awesome breakfast. 

1 fiber-licious muffin topped with butter spray, sugar-free cherry preserves, a side of greens and an over-easy egg.

And a few strawberries. :)

This might be my new favorite breakfast! Love getting my greens in Meal #1.

Our apartment complex added this new little dandy to the fitness room.


Not a bad set-up, eh?

Makes me happy :)


  1. How can someone look so good when they're sweaty?!?! Breakfast looks yummy :)

    1. You are so sweet. No one could ever get a good look really, the stink of my sweaty-self deters everyone. :)

  2. I agree when I work out the only thing cute at the end are my shoes!

    Newest follower!