Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

What's up guys! How is the short week treating you?

Egg-in-a-basket made with 40 calorie whole wheat toast, Fage topped with raspberries and Sunbutter. 

I had a small feast for breakfast after my pansy ass, sorry excuse of a workout. I kind of banged some dumb bells around, did some crunches, mainly did a lot of laying on my yoga mat while watching Morning Express. 

Lunch was fantastic. Mooyah, baby! I ate a super healthy turkey burger with mustard, pickles and jalapeƱos on an iceburg lettuce bun - so that I could ruin it with the Kids Chocolate Shake.

Made with real ice cream, so thick I could barely suck it through the straw! 
I'm not a fan of milkshakes usually, but this, oh Heaven's, so good.

It's all about moderation, folks. I had broccoli and carrots for a snack, followed up with this little chocolate gem. I could have eaten a cinnamon roll, fried chicken and then this, that sounds like a mighty fine meal, but ah, moderation. 

Chocolate Vitamuffin! 
100 calories and more nutrients and vitamins than an apple. 
Covered in PB2 and a few melted chocolate chips. 

These super sexy pajamas and this bottle of wine are calling my name. 

Asta, tootsies!


  1. cute pictures of you and you are so pretty! i love Fage yogurt and i put some in my oatmeal. have a good evening..

  2. I have to try those vita tops, they look so delish!!

  3. Pjs and wine sounds like the perfect night to me - enjoy!

  4. Wine and pjs is perfection in my books!!