Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giving Up Calorie Counting

I decided! To give up counting calories and eat intuitively again. 

I mean, I wasn't looking so bad when I wasn't counting calories.
Just sayin'.

Counting calorie sucks. And, I don't find that it works for me. Period.

I think it's alright to be aware of certain foods total calories, like when you're eating out or when you're imbibing, or during the Holidays to make sure you don't totally fall of the wagon, but, as a daily tracker, I hated it. 

I don't like that I saw a lot of really unhealthy eating habits on MyFitnessPal - a little too much disordered eating happening ... Like eating one bowl of Top Ramen and then running on the treadmill for 120 minutes. Really? That's not what I'm about at all. I'm an athlete. And I love food. 

I eat for performance. If that means I'm a little bulkier, so be it! If that means I eat 10 twinkies after a long run, I don't care! Because hell yeah I feel like I deserved it and realizing they cost me 1,000 calories just pisses me off and makes me hate running and hate eating. 

I think counting calories has made me a little depressed! To be honest! I felt shame almost, that if I over ate the tiniest bit, it would mean I had to "work it off" somehow. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I don't ever want to get on that dysfunctional thinking train again. I lost pride in my workouts, instead they became a vehicle for my food guilt! 

So, the plan is to do what I've always done. Eat clean. Eat when I'm hungry. And not worry about it too much.

I'm so freaking excited!

I mean really, I wasn't doing too bad in the first place.

I am also thinking about going back to the old pen and paper tracker for my workouts. I liked keeping them on the fridge, it was motivating. :)

Have a good night! 


  1. Good for you, girl!! I used to be a calorie counter and HATED IT! It made me crazy and super skinny. I would limit myself to less and less calories as time went on. I got to a point where I ate no more that 1000 a day and I ran and biked for at least 2 hours. Yeah I was mental. Thank goodness I'm out of the rut now and I just eat when I want and keep the foods as clean as possible! I feel WAY better and my workouts are way more fun!!

    I think you look absolutely fantastic. You have such a strong body and I wouldn't change a thing. I am actually trying to put on more muscle and can only dream to look as good as you!!!

  2. You weren't doing so bad in the first place - damn straight! ;) You looked healthy and strong and capable and your eats seemed fresh and based on real foods - sounds spot on to me! Personally, I couldn't count calories...I know it would eat at me too much and become too much of a focus for me. I know some can, but it's great to hear you want to focus on eating intuitively. Happy 2012 to you!

  3. I hear ya! I really started calorie counting and working out more to burn the past few months which lead me to major overtraining issues. I have recovered slowly and have revamped my eating. It is hard to incorporate different foods, but I to have to remind myself that I feel healthy when my body has more muscle and bulk on it. If I want to enjoy my workouts, then I have to eat more!

  4. Im new to reading your posts but i have to admit i checked like every other day in december for posts so im super glad your have the exact body i want and i love it :)

  5. I LOVE this. Eating healthy is meant to be eating clean and consuming yummy food fuel, not obsessing over everything!