Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fillin' Up My Buggy

I'm a terrible grocery shopper.
Sometimes I make nice lists.
Sometimes I even clip coupons!
Sometimes I plan meals for the week,
but then sometimes we just eat out every night regardless.

Most of the time I don't even eat dinner. It's the last and smallest meal of the day for me - I'm kind of an all-day snacker/muncher, 6-7 little meals.

I find the trick to eating right is to buy lots of ice cream keep the right kinds of foods in the house, and then work around them. I've never been much of a recipe follower, I just like to be inspired by one, and work with what I have in my kitchen.

So, regardless of meal planning, sales or coupons, when I'm grocery shopping, you can count on these bad boys making a slam-dunk into my cart.

P.S. My recruiter is from Tennessee. Where they call shopping carts buggies. I had no idea what he was talking about when he made a reference to "piling up the buggy"while shopping for his little girls. 

Single Serving Fage Greek Yogurt 0% 

Full of protein, low in sugar, and a thick, amazing texture, Fage is so versatile. I usually buy the single serving cups & top them with anything: berries, nut butter, cereal, dollop it on oatmeal, etc. I also love mixing it with PB2 for a creamy peanut butter yogurt. I also use it in baking (it subs so well for sour cream!) My new favorite use though: mixing it with Ranch seasoning. It makes the dankest and super healthy veggie dip! 


Does it really need an explanation? It's just simply AMAZING. Salty, creamy, subtly sweet. I die. 


It's de-fatted peanut butter that's been turned into a powder. I mix it with water, heat it in the microwave for a few seconds, and use it on toast, pancakes, PB&J, Vitamuffins. It's also awesome mixed into ice cream, yogurt, in baking, etc. The options are endless!


Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. Berries are the best fruit option because they're low in sugar and chock full of vitamins and nutrients. I buy them fresh and frozen. Frozen is great for baking and for smoothies. 

Egg Whites

Full of protein, low in calories, thousands of uses. I scramble them in the microwave in the morning with veggies, throw them into a smoothie (they're pasteurized), and sub them for whole eggs when baking. 


The wonder veggie! It can be grated and turned into "rice" or mashed and turned into creamy mashed potatoes. I love it grilled, sauteed and used to make pizza crust! 


My favorite greenery! I'd roll it up and smoke it if I could. I eat this every day in some form, either in a Green Monster smoothie, with my eggs, in a salad, etc. I just feel good when I eat it.

Almond Breeze

Just 40 calories and so delicious! No more tummy aches from cows milk! I love it in my coffee in the morning, with cereal, in my oats, and when I scramble eggs.

Keurig K-Cups

I recently bought a Keurig and it's changed my life freggin' sweet. I love Hazelnut by Green Mountain Coffee. I can't believe I was using a French Press before this!


I love these babies! Sometimes I make two and smoosh ice cream or yogurt in between them for a Vitatop sandwich. I love covering them in chocolate chips and PB2 and crumbling them over my chocolate protein oats. I only like this flavor though.


I love the Archer Farms brand (found at Target.) I microwave the whole bag for 6-7 minutes, throw them in a bowl, top with sea salt and munch on! Tons of protein, iron and low in calories. 

Lactaid Cottage Cheese

I could eat this every way under the sun. I use it when I make protein pancakes and waffles, I top my egg white puffs with it and top it with fresh fruit or just a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Yum!

Power Crunch Protein Bars

I'm really picky when it comes to a good, healthy bar. I don't want them to be too high in sugar, too high in carbs, or too high in calories. I don't do Larabars (so much sugar), but I also don't like them loaded so full of protein I have a gut ache and mega gas in two hours. Power Crunch bars are sweet yet filling! I carry them in my purse at all times. These taste like cookies, and if you have a midnight snack craving, totally come to the rescue! Best flavor: Peanut Butter!

Dark Chocolate Chips

I keep them in the freezer and munch on a few when a chocolate craving hits! 


And where would I be without this staple? :)

Extra Firm Tofu

My newest discovery! I love throwing it in a pan with some veggies for a nice stir fry or baking them nice until they have a nice crunch on the outside.

There you have! My must-have buggy fillers!

Are you a list-maker? 
A meal planner?
What's in your buggy no matter what?


  1. we buy a ton of the same things =) love it! I think I profess my adoration to my keurig almost daily lately, I don't know how I ever lived without it -- and now I have two somehow! obsessed =) Have you tried the starbucks and donut house coffees for it? life changing! <3

  2. Hi Courtney, i also buy some of this products and i do write a list when grocery shopping. I think i will make a trip to Whole Foods to buy the VitaTops to tried them. I don't normally eat protein bars but i found ones that are gluten free and no sugar added named - QUEST BARS. they taste good when you microwave them for a few seconds. i think you may like them. anyway, have a good evening..

  3. Your shopping list looks pretty much just like mine!! I am not a meal planner, I kind of just rotate what I eat during the week between meals with complex carbs, some type of protein, little bit of fat and lots of veggies.

  4. That's funny. I was going to comment on calling it a buggy. I'm from Tennessee and that's what I grew up calling it too. This is such a great shopping cart of stuff...yum. It makes me feel better just reading it.