Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do These Plyos Make My Butt Look Big?

Today's WOD:

1000m row
5 burpees
750m row
10 burpees
500m row
15 burpees
250m row
20 burpees

Time: 15:40

I Crossfit-crashed Gold's gym today. It was my first time in there since the New Year. I thought everyone and there mom would be there with Resolutions to finally lose the cankles ... but it wasn't too bad. The crowd, I mean.

I made myself a little space near the rower, and once the sweat started flowing and the burpee grunting began, no one would want to get any closer to me than they had to.

I squeezed in 40 walking lunge steps with a 25# weight overhead and 40 walking lunge steps with 20# dumb bells in each hand. I squeezed in a nice stretch and headed home to kiss my dear husband before he left for work for the day!

When I had the living room to myself, I finished my workout up with my favorite go-to at-home DVD: P90X Plyometrics and Ab Ripper X.

I think Plyo's are the best way to shape the gams, and Erin Stern agrees. She incorporates a heavy-plyo training day at least once a week.

Yeah, I'm working on it!

I also need to get better at my sit-ups for the Army PFT, hence the use of Ab Ripper routine. It is an awesome routine. It works the entire core and the hip flexors, which I need to strengthen to better whip out sit-ups! On top of lots of regular old situps, I'm bringing this routine back, at least 3 times a week. That little 15 minute workout had me smoked. 

Hmmm, is my tummy flub is beginning to resemble muscle?


  1. Gah, burpees suck! They are hard but so good for you. I did 'filthy fifites' last night for the first time...that's a sweat maker for sure!

    ps- you definitely don't have tummy proud of your body as you put lots of work into it!

  2. you look great Courtney and nice abs.

  3. You look amazing. Wierd, I know but I sorta like burpees!! New follower!