Friday, November 11, 2011

Race Prep & Packing

This'll be me on Sunday!

Alright guys, my bags are packed! 

Well, pretty much (except for the toiletries and such I still use in the morning), and tomorrow at 8am, a fellow San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll runner is coming to scoop me up, we're meeting at the house of yet another runner, and we're mobbin' deep down to Austin for breakfast at IHOP, then all the way down to San Antonio for the expo. I'm staying in a hotel with a few other ladies from our local running group. The hotel location is right down town, so I'm hoping this means no shuttles of busses for us race day morning!

Speaking of IHOP ... I'm pretty sure the Butterfingers, apple pie, and Skinnycow ice cream sandwiches I've been devouring all day cover the carb-loading bases, but sure, let's throw some pancakes in the mix, too. Even though I'm only running 13.1 miles. I swear, maybe one day I'll run for real, and do 26.2. Then I'll really have an excuse to eat those piles of pancakes.

I want to shout out to all of those have served and who continue to serve our country, thank you!

Happy Veterans Day! 

A special thanks to my husband, who makes me so proud every day he puts on his uniform.

Time to get some sleep! :) If I don't blog before the race, I promise to as soon as I get home on Sunday! I'm thinking of taking it easy instead of trying to PR this time around. I am proud of my 1:48 PR last weekend :) I want to enjoy this race, maybe take a few photos, stop at some aid stations, streak, who knows. Just get crazy.

Have a great weekend!


  1. hi Courtney, i want to wish you lots of luck on the race and with those nice tone legs of yours you will do great! your dog is so cute! have a safe weekend.

  2. Wooo! Good luck girl! You are going to do amazing! This race sounds like boatloads of fun so enjoy every minute of it!

  3. I love San Antonio. I bet running a race there is fun. I hope you enjoy it!*

  4. Good Luck Lady! I am so jelous, I wanted to run this race. Can't wait to read your next post! Go Courtney!

  5. HAVE FUN!!! Can't wait to read your race report.