Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mountain Series, Level 10, Backwards.

Today's workout: 
90 minutes of random gymnastics, dancing, running, biking & elliptcal-ing a la the crazy Target lady. 

Mountain Series, Level 10, backwards. 
If you don't know what I'm talking about, you live under a rock. 

Yesterday's workout: 
Crossfit + 2 mile run for time

The Crossfit WOD was "Angie"
100 pull-ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

Time: 24:26. 
Strict on all four: dead hang pull ups, real push ups (the last 50 were hand release), full range of motion squats. I'm feeling the sit ups - laughing today hurts deep, deep in my belly. :)

2 Mile Run: 14:48
I like to throw in the random two mile run for speed work. It's not a one mile sprint and it's not a 5k. The 2 Mile run is also part of the Army Physical Fitness Test, that all soldiers are required to pass, and the faster it is run, the higher score a soldier can achieve. There are standards based on sex and age. For a female in my age group: 22-26, a 15:36 would be a perfect score. Looks like I'm competing with the boys! 

Monday's Workout: 
Couch surfing

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, either Blogger or my Macbook hate me, as I keep having to Force Quit Safari when I begin uploading photos. Third time is a charm, let's post this shizz!

Cliff Notes version of the last three days begins:

Christmas is almost here! (No, we don't have a tree up yet! I'm recycling photos.) That means Christmas blend from Bucks of the Star! My mornings are finally complete.

This does not mean I not thankful for Thanksgiving! But I hung the stockings this morning. So I'm kind of ready to roll, Santa. We were going to get our tree today, but because the sun was shining and it felt too "summery" - it's going to have to wait. The day it's freezing cold and I have to wear mittens, we will get our tree. Not before. 

*I grew up in Oregon. It's like 30 degrees at home right now. That is Christmas tree-cutting weather! 

I've been having a party in my mouth these last few days! 

I made the perfect single serving of monkey bread! 

Not healthy by any means (they're Pillsbury Crescent Rolls) but if you love ooey-gooey pull apart cinnamon-roll type recipes, you'll love this! Follow this recipe and instead, 1/4 of a can and bake in rammekin. Less than 200 cals for a beautiful, delicious, cinnamony, buttery, bite! I also use fake butter (calorie-free spray) and Stevia granules to sweeten. I say better fake than fat! I kid, I kid. 

But, everything in moderation.

For balance: a Green Monster, full of protein, spinach and ice. That's it. I've come to like the earthy taste of spinach.

I made Molasses cookies! I'm so proud of these gems. Wouldn't you be? They're not healthy. Full of oils and sugar and all things Heavenly, but they're so damn delicious. The best part? The icing. The easiest and most incredible icing. Fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, and powdered sugar. Mix until you find your desired consistency. This icing hardens well! 

The sweet, spiciness of the cookie was really well complimented with the tang of the lemony icing and the bite of the cranberry. 

The container he left with this morning came home empty. 
So either hubs ate them all on his way to work (wouldn't surprise me.)
or his soldiers enjoyed them.

Aaaaand, how amazing are these paper stars?!

I wish I could say I am the crafty queen and came up with the idea myself, but alas, I know you'd catch me in a lie can't lie. 

All my craftiness is spurred by Pinterest!

I stopped everything this morning as fast as I could to make them and hang them. Because they're so damn easy! Thank you Martha Stewart, for figuring out that brown paper lunch bags also make great Christmas decorations. Who seriously thinks up this shizz? As I'm cutting and gluing and threading, I couldn't help but think - someone has way, way, way too much time on their hands. 

If you wanna be a crazy paper bag lady like me, here's the link!

After getting all jazzy on the ellptical (sans tinsel), I made these pumpkin muffins! Bomb diggity! And of course, threw my new favorite lemon icing all over them. 

These also are full of eggs and sugar and white flour, so no, I won't be posting the recipe.

 Because I'll be in a sugar coma after eating all of them.

There is no time like Thanksgiving to enjoy a food coma.

Stretchy pants, here I come!

What are you wearing tomorrow to eat in?

Is anyone participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 
I already see the (green) Garmin 305 for $180.00 on Amazon. I'm itching, itching, itching to buy it.

Is anyone working out tomorrow before the festivities commence? 
There are a few Virtual 5k's floating around. One on Daily Mile looks really good. :) You can donate and "race" and even print out a "bib." Awww. 

Guess what's on tonight, kiddies?!

Top Chef Texas! 


  1. Love Top Chef. Can't wait to watch. Your baked goods look amazing, and hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

  2. those treats look so delicious and good job!

  3. The monkey bread looks amazing. I saw your last post about it and have been wanting to try it, but now seeing these again really really make me want to have some...

  4. I am wandering what type of watch you use now?! I remember seeing it in another post but didn't catch what brand it is...What all does it do and would you recommend one?