Saturday, November 5, 2011

13.1 PR'ed!

This morning I ran my 4th Half Marathon. The Run to Remember, in honor of the 13 innocent lives that were taken during the Fort Hood shootings two years ago.

I PR'ed it! 1:48:36. 

My last Half Marathon many, many months ago, I came in at 1:53 and some change. So, bringing almost 5 minutes off my last half time was more than I could have hoped for, considering I run MAYBE twice a week. :)

It was a great race! 
I'm in a serious food coma right now though. 
I just demolished half a box of Cinnastix.
When the blood comes back to my brain, I promise I'll post for real.
Otherwise, gotta get back to gettin' fatty digesting. 


  1. Congrats on the PR! that's an amazing finish time!

    I can't believe the Ft. Hood shooting was two years ago. So senseless.*

  2. Woohoo!! Great job with the PR!!! Love the action shot too

  3. Congratulations on the PR! I was wondering if you are very strict with your diet? 99% of the time I am and people always tell me to live a little but its my secret in staying in shape.

  4. Woot woot!! way to go!! enjoy the rest of that box of cinnastix! Those are SOOOO good! Way to rock it!

  5. Congratulations! That is awesome. I'm in awe of your time. My goal for 2012 is a 2:00 half. Just 7 little minutes faster. That's it :)

  6. Congrats!! Thanks for the follow! I'm following you too!

  7. Congratulations on a great race and great finish! 5 minutes off your PR is awesome!