Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Awesome Things Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thirsty Thursday! I'm drinking one of these right now, and it's joyous! But we all know that I'm a glass half-full kind of gal (hopefully full of whiskey.)

As I left my Post Title blank when I started this post, it made me wonder, who else waits to title their post until they have finished writing it? Do you always sit down and know exactly what you're going to write? Do you "theme" your post, or do you just upload your photos and write around them? Or are you like me and all over the damn place? I'm tempted to title this the good old, tried and true, "Three Things Thursday." At least it'd be short and sweet, and somewhat cohesive. I think I need to attend a Blogging 101 course.

Write drunk, edit sober. Probably not the best advice ever.

Alas, here's 
Three AWESOME Things Thirsty Thursday!

Awesome #1: 
I rock climbed for the first time today! Super awesome ya! Talk about an adrenaline rush.
These are the wonderful ladies that I also Crossfit and Spin with. We do work!

Awesome #2: 
I finally found Quinoa! And have no idea what to do with it! 
It's sitting pretty on my kitchen counter in the meantime. I have a few recipes up my sleeves, if you have any to share, give me a holler!

Awesome #3: 
I think the site and iPhone app My Fitness Pal has become My Fitness Best Ever Uber Amazing Pal. I'm tracking my calories, my macros, and I'm staying on my target calorie goal. Because at the end of the day, it's all calories in vs. calories out.
And, I had no idea how much I was over eating! 
Janetha over at Meals & Moves did a great post on this, too ... She admitted to "adding glitter" to her oatmeal to make it more photogenic for her blog. Like walnuts, dried cranberries, seeds and nut butters. That's hundreds of extra calories! Why do you think I haven't been posting a lot of food photos as of late? Because looking at egg whites, chicken breasts, plain oatmeal, protein shakes and bananas gets old. 

But, of course I get naughty every now and then. :)

Have you ever rock climbed? 
I'm thinking I need a lot more of that in my life! I am on the hunt for a sand bag. I was having issues slipping because of my sweaty palms! 

What is your favorite way to eat quinoa? 
I found a recipe for Quinoa Breakfast Casserole and Pumpkin Quinoa that I can't wait to try!

Do you count calories? Have you ever? Why or why not?
I always used to say that I "didn't need to" count them, and that I "could never" ... until I started to. And it's been really great. My Fitness Pal has an immense food database, and it's super easy to pull up a food on my phone and enter it. I've also gotten really good at measuring things, too. I know a lot of people are way too lazy, but portions matter, people!

Fitness Friday tomorrow! 
I've got some Crossfit to get in and an hour of Spin. What are ya'll up to?


  1. I LOVE quinoa! I eat it on the regular. I usually do just stir fry veggies, quinoa, and liquid aminos. If you don't already read Daily Garnish, she has lots of qunioa recipes. I recently made her mexican quinoa, and it was ah-mazing!*

  2. Ahhh! I use the My Fitness app too! Love it! Such a great way to 'budget' calories!

  3. Oh, rock climbing is so fun! I just moved to Boulder County, CO, and it seems obligatory to rock climb out here. Needless to say, I've been getting into it. how'd you like it?

    What's your calorie cap? I used to Zone and used FitDay online to track. But ever since trying Paleo, I nixed the calorie counting. I'll have to look into My Fitness Pal. I'm definitely down for measuring and counting and just numbers in general. Thanks for the rec!